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Why Summer Big Bike Riding is so Popular in the United Kingdom

As we all know, the UK weather is far from predictable, but one thing is for sure; winters are freezing and for motorcycle riders, only the brave venture out during the winter months. The summer, on the other hand, sees thousands of big bike owners remove the covers from their bike and prepare for a few months of sheer riding pleasure. If you have never ridden a big bike, you won’t know that feeling of freedom and independence that comes with two-wheeled transport, but better late than never, and you wouldn’t be alone if you have decided to invest in a summer bike.

Choosing a Big Bike

Of course, there are UK driving licence requirements to take into account when you ride on public roads, with the A1 licence category being the beginner’s level, which allows you to ride a 125cc machine that has its power restricted. The A2 licence allows you to ride any bike that has power limited at 35kW and the Class A licence permits you to ride any motorcycle, regardless of engine size and power. There are some great used motorcycles at Wheels Honda, who is a leading big bike dealer in the UK, where you can view a range of big bikes and book a test ride.

Safety Precautions

Riding a big bike has its obvious dangers, which means you must wear leather garments, which offer the best protection against the tarmac and while leathers are not exactly cheap, it is crucial to protect your skin in the event of a tumble. You will also need a good quality crash helmet, preferably full-face, as this offers complete protection, while leather motorcycle gloves protect your hands and a pair of boots with good ankle support completes your outfit. Many riders also wear a Hi-Vis vest over their jacket, to help other road users become aware of their presence and always ride with your lights on, even in the daytime.

Cheap Adventure Holidays

One of the main reasons why big bike riding is so popular in the UK is that it offers a cheap way to see the countryside and if you are into camping, short holidays won’t cost that much. If you are out and about during the summer, you will notice a large number of big bikes, as people tour the countryside, especially during the long weekends. Many riders like to visit motor racing circuits and pop concerts, where there are always camping facilities and come the end of September, the rider garages their machine until the following spring. Click here for an article about how to lead an interesting lifestyle, which is quite an eye-opener.

Big Bike Groups

As you would expect, there are quite a few Facebook closed groups run by veteran big bikers and they organise events where hundreds of bikers gather to create a convoy. If you join a few groups, you will make lots of new friends who are also bikers and if you feel like a weekend away, you can join one of the adventures.

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