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4 Proposal Ideas That Will Make Them Say Yes

The right marriage proposal might feel like one of the hardest decisions you will have to make. This is second to deciding if this person is the right person who you would like to spend the rest of your life with. You want your partner to say yes for all the right reasons, and you don’t want them to make any regrets, feeling like the whole proposal was wrong and simply not something that reflects the love you have for each other.

Before we share our timeless and unique ideas with you, make sure you have the ring ready before you consider the proposal scenario! Whether you are looking to spend some cash on a diamond ruby ring, or you are keeping it simple and elegant to the taste of your loved one, the engagement ring is the first thing to get ticked off the list.

Go Back To Where You First Met

Re-visiting the spot where you first met your partner is a beautiful way to show how much you intend to love them, from the first meet to your potential forever if they say yes. This would only be appropriate if it was in a social setting like a bar, restaurant, or generally, somewhere that would have the romantic element attached. Having your friends and family there to surprise your partner, or even keeping it intimate with just the two of you will also be great. If your partner is more of an introvert they might prefer a quieter setting with no one watching. Just don’t forget to have a camera set up to capture the special moment!

Create A Scavenger Hunt Proposal

If you are looking to get creative and think outside the box, treasure hunt proposals are a fun way to build up your partner’s anticipation and create some confusion as to what exactly is going on. Many people create the hunt in a way that puts clues in different areas that are significant to the couple and places riddles for them to figure out where the next clue is. Following up from the first place you met the idea, you would place a riddle that would lead them in the direction of their school, then their parent’s house, and finally maybe a favourite restaurant you both love at which you and your family would be waiting for your partner to surprise them.

Make It Seasonal

There is nothing more romantic than the festive season, it is cosy, and homely, and creates magic in the air, even without a proposal. Centering your proposal around Christmas or even on Christmas day might be a great idea if you are a very family-oriented couple looking to include the people closest to you in the proposal. You might put the engagement ring in a Christmas cracker, pull it with your partner and then get on one knee and pop the question. Or maybe you might save the proposal for new years eve, and ask her to enter the new year ready for a new life as your fiance.

Customise A Dinner

One of the techniques you may have seen in the movies is the customised food items being written with ‘will you marry me?’ or simply hiding the ring on the table set for them to find. You might ask the waiter to bring over your loved one a glass of champagne with the ring attached to the glass, or you might write a hidden message on their napkin to check the bottom of the desert where an emerald ring is hidden! However, we wouldn’t push the ring in the food idea, as you don’t want to ruin the whole evening by spending it in the hospital.

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