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4 Tips To Get the Most MOney for Your Unused Jewelry

You’ve decided it’s time to dust off those boxes of jewelry that are doing nothing more than sitting around. Don’t fall victim to lowball offers. Instead, take a few simple steps to ensure that you get the most money possible for your unused jewelry.

1. Take It to an Appraiser

Having an accurate and recent appraisal in hand can give you an advantage over other sellers. It shows potential buyers that you have done your research and that you won’t be taken advantage of. It also lets people see what value an independent and knowledgeable party places on the jewelry. Once you type “appraisal services near me” into your search bar, make sure you check the qualifications of your results.

2. Clean Each Piece

No matter what type of jewelry you are selling, you will get more money for pieces that are clean and in good repair. Take the time to soak, gently scrub, and polish each one. Inspect them for loose or missing stones and either have them repaired or provide a full disclosure to buyers.

3. List It With Reputable Dealers

You might pay a slightly higher commission to list with a jewelry store or reputable reseller, but they are more likely than fly by night places to attract qualified buyers. Allowing someone else to sell your unused jewelry provides an extra layer of anonymity and safety, too. Buyers will not know where their finds originally came from and you don’t have to worry about possibly being scammed.

4. Avoid Emotional Attachment

It is not unusual to have an emotional attachment to jewelry, especially if it belonged to a treasured family member or friend. However, you will need to be realistic when you set prices. Just because you have an attachment to a piece of jewelry does not make it worth more to buyers. If you are that attached, maybe you should reconsider selling.

If you are positive it is time to slim down your gold chain collection, take steps to maximize your profits. The time and money you invest will be returned in a higher value and quicker sale.

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