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5 Things I Love About Men Related To Looks and Grooming

Ok so as a young girl with a healthy attraction habits towards the opposite sex, I like men and i like many different kinds of men. But some more than the others. Now if you ask me, who I think the hottest men in the celebrity world are, of course I have my usual suspects. Ronaldo, Virat Kohli, Siddharth Malhotra and the likes but as much as I like these famous men but I like the regular men who just do certain things that makes them 10x more attractive in my opinion. So here’s some of them:

Men in Kurtas

This tops my list of what I find REALLY attractive in men. Men rocking men’s kurtas!  I mean gimme a guy with a crisp khadi kurta, a pair of jeans and some flats over a guy in a tuxedo anyday. There’s something about seeing men rock a good desi-western look and the Kurta is just effortless charm. It’s comfortable, it works for pretty much anyone and nothing else says “I’m in touch with my Indian roots” better. Wanna take it a notch higher? Seeing white men ethnic Indian wear including of course kurtas! Here’s looking at ya, Nick Jonas “jiju”

Men in spectacles

Ok so I’m a nerd who likes all things nerd and a bespectacled guy to me screams “I know things”. Sure, pretty much the entire population is now short-sighted thanks to being glued to the screen all day, but some men own it better than the ones who prefer not to wear their spects or choose contacts lenses or LASIK instead. Men with spects look intense, it hides their dark circles, and well it does the job way better than those tacky plastic sunglasses do. So men, listen, like a Lenskart campaign said, spexy is the new sexy!

Men who don’t care too much about their looks

Ironically, men who don’t care about their looks too much look the best to me! And by don’t care about their looks, I don’t mean they don’t spend 12 hours a day grooming themselves, obsessing about fashion, preening at themselves in the mirror, trying the latest “fashion looks” etc. Hello! You have things to do, companies to run,  emails to send, meetings to host, calories to burn, a house to manage, family to bond with, dogs to cuddle – where’s the time to be obsessed with looks? Unless of course you’re a model and your looks are a chief bread earner for you.

Men who smell good

This goes without saying of course. I mean men don’t have to be bathed in expensive perfume. In fact too much perfume or a cheap perfume is actually worse than smelling bad. But  I mean who smell…clean and yet like they’ve been around. Like the men who work out, do sports, walk, and shower. I like a bit of a musky yet clean fragrance around my man.

Men who wear loose clothes

By this i basically mean men who don’t have their muscles (if any) bulging through their clothes. Gimme a guy with a loose tshirt and baggy jeans over a skin-tight, begging-to-be-released clothes anyday.

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