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Cosmetic Fillers Can Change Someone’s Facial Skin and Shape


It’s becoming more common for people to get cosmetic fillers. These fillers can have a dramatic effect on a patient’s facial appearance.

Facial Shape

Over time, it’s common for a person’s facial shape to change. While wrinkles can make a person look older, facial shape changes might actually have a more substantial effect on how old a person looks.

The loss of facial fat can make a person seem older immediately, especially if they lose the fat in the upper parts of their faces. Damage to the muscles of the face can have a similar effect. People who make sure that they consistently get enough protein might help slow down this process. The protein will certainly be good for their facial muscles. When people lose some volume in their faces, it’s now possible for professionals to add at least some of it back. That material should look natural, even if it’s different from other sources of volume.

Medical professionals will also be able to add the volume to the upper half of the face, which contributes to a more youthful facial shape. Some people have more volume in the lower halves of their faces.

When faces get broader or fuller at the jaw area or near it, in some cases, it can make a person look somewhat older. The professionals who inject the filler material carefully can make sure that it’s having the right effect on a person’s face and skin.

Skin Texture

Certain activities and habits can accelerate a patient’s overall skin aging. Eating a diet that is high in sugar can have a negative effect on a person’s skin over time, making their skin appear to be less youthful.

Many nutrient deficiencies can also influence the way that the skin ages, making it particularly important for people to eat nutritiously. They shouldn’t just focus on macro-nutrients like fat and protein if they’re trying to give their skin a very youthful appearance or hold on to what they have.

Micro-nutrients can be just as important, especially as people get older. Some patients start to gradually find it more difficult to absorb nutrients, making it more important for their normal diets to be consistently nutritious enough initially.

However, some forms of skin aging are caused by normal habits and not just unhealthy habits. Many of the wrinkles that people get relate to the facial expressions that they make on a daily basis. Some people naturally keep their faces more neutral as they speak, and these individuals sometimes have smoother skin as they get older. Other people are naturally more expressive, and there may be only so much that they can do about the normal movements of their face.

Many patients will focus on preventing the process of skin wrinkling and aging. The people who avoid direct sunlight as often as possible will already typically do so because they’re trying to stop themselves from getting skin damage and wrinkles. It’s possible that if they do so, they will make their faces look younger in general.

When wrinkles do form, it might still be possible to make the skin look much smoother again. Treatments available at a med spa Del Mar might give people the chance to address any issues that they might have with noticeable wrinkles.

It’s usually a good idea for patients to get these treatments relatively quickly. They might get better results if they try treating the wrinkles or fine lines that they have just started to notice. However, it’s still possible for the professionals at med spas to change the appearance of wrinkles that have been in place for a while.

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