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A Helpful Guide on Starting a Fashion Blog

As of 2020, there were over 31 million bloggers in the United States alone. To add to this, one-third of all web pages that exist on the internet today are actually blog pages. If you want to start a fashion blog, it’s important to get to grips with just how popular blogging has become.

Yes, it’s pretty straightforward to set up a blog and make it your own, but monetizing a blog is a whole different ball game. To start out, we’re going to highlight all the basics you need to know about setting up your blog — because your foundation is everything! Read on for more.

  1. Pick Your Fashion Blog Name and Niche

One of the most important characteristics of your blog is the niche that defines it. Sure, your blog is about fashion. But what type of fashion? Whether it’s a blog like about jewelry or body piercings, or a blog dedicated to shoes, determine what your unique edge is.

Brainstorm about 10-20 different niche ideas before you settle on a final choice. Then, it’s time to choose a blog name. If you’re struggling to come up with something catchy and creative, you can use a blog name generator to help. Or how about a good old dictionary for inspiration?

  1. Choose a Reliable Web Hosting Service

This is probably the most fundamental aspect of a successful, fully functional blog. Without a web hosting service, you wouldn’t have a blog to speak of. The web host you choose basically houses all your blog’s content, files, and images online.

One of the most popular web hosts for bloggers today is Bluehost. Not only do they offer the best services in terms of blog performance, but they’re also super affordable and user-friendly.

  1. Select a Blogging Platform and Domain Name

Ideally, you want to have complete control and ownership of your blog so that it can grow over time. This is why one of the best blogging platforms to opt for is

If you don’t know anything about coding or building a website, this platform is made for you. It also allows you absolute control and ownership of all your content and allows for plenty of room for growth.

Once you’ve signed up with (not, you need to choose a domain name. Make sure it’s simple and as close to your blog name as possible. You will have to pay a fee for your domain name which usually ranges around $14,99 per year.

  1. Go All Out With Your Fashion Blog Theme

Once your domain name is registered and your blog is live, it’s time to get into the more creative, fun stuff. This includes choosing a blog theme and designing the layout. WordPress offers thousands of to choose from. While many of them are free, there are more in-depth themes that you can buy for added functionality and styling.

Make sure to choose a theme that really ties in with your personal brand and who you are.

Upgrade With Plugins

Bear in mind that most of the free theme templates are quite basic so you might need to upgrade your blog with extra functionality. Some of the top plugins to consider include:

  • Gallery plugin
  • Image compression plugin
  • Social media share plugin
  • Instagram feed plugin
  • SEO plugin

Think of plugins as components that make your blog more user-friendly.

  1. Start Populating Your Blog With Content

Before you start posting content, you want to come up with some form of a content plan. This way your content will look well-planned, and considered which your audience will appreciate.

You need to start with the core pages first, then the main menu. Your core pages include your about page and contact page. Once those are done, you can move onto creating posts.

Looking for Fashion Inspiration?

Starting a fashion blog is not overly complicated, but it does take time and plenty of effort to ensure you have a niche product that stands out from the rest.

If you’re on the hunt for blogging inspiration, don’t miss the rest of this site! Get your fix of content on accessories, dresses, jewelry, and more.

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