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Accessory Designs that Express Love and Devotion to Your Significant Other

If you want to express affection for someone you love through jewelry, there are plenty of designs to choose from. Don’t go for more generic jewelry that you can find in any store in the world; go for designs that will speak to the contents of your heart and express just how much you know the receiver. If you’re thinking of ways to express affection and sentiment through jewelry, here are some design ideas you to check out.

Matching anything

The idea of matching with your loved one from head to toe may seem intimidating and cringey, but in other places in the world, it’s the norm and one of the ways couples express love and loyalty. If you want to express devotion to your significant other without looking like twins, go for matching anything—rings, bracelets, necklaces, even earrings. It’s a low-key way of expressing that you belong to each other without attracting too much attention to yourselves.

Distance bracelet

If you and your significant other are not in quarantine together, or if you live in separate locations and even countries and are unable to meet in person for the foreseeable future, consider getting a matching distance bracelet. The idea is that there one of the bracelets will have all-black beads except for one white one, and the other bracelet will have all-white beads except for one black one—two beads that signify that you will always have a piece of each other’s heart wherever you are.

Engraved rings

Nothing expresses affection and sentiment more than rings—there’s a reason why it’s the ultimate symbol for matrimony, and its round nature reminds us of the infinity of our commitment. If you’re not quite ready to take your relationship to the next level, engraved rings might be a suitable alternative.

Any engraved accessory—whether it’s a ring, a bracelet, or other kinds of jewelry—adds a personal touch to an otherwise generic piece of jewelry, and it makes the gift even more special. You don’t need to add dates, too—you can incorporate a creative shape, a meaningful location, or an important date to your engraved rings or bracelets.


Lockets date back to the 16th century when people used them to hide charms for good luck and even small pieces of fabric that are soaked in perfume to ward off poor smells in public. Research says people even used lockets to hide poison. But nowadays, since we hopefully don’t need to hide poison in our person, lockets can remind us of our loved ones every time we want to see their pictures. If your significant other has a love for history and more traditional-looking jewelry, a locket with your picture on it might be a good gift.

Musical necklaces

If your significant other is a musician or a music lover, a musical necklace might be the one to make their ears and their heart happy. Sound lockets are usually created with the same technology used for music boxes, so your loved one will be able to listen to your song anytime they twist or open it. Other types of lockets also include cassette tapes wrapped in steel and silk.

Lock and key pendants

Another matching design idea is lock and key pendants that fit perfectly together. If you think the one heart matching pendant is too overdone, lock and key pendants are the less generic version. You can also come up with a back story or something good in you that your loved one unlocked when you met them.

Wax seal necklaces

Another creative jewelry idea is wax seal necklaces—especially if your loved one is a writer or someone who loves the idea of sending handwritten letters in the 21st century. Aside from the pendant, you can also give your significant other traditional red wax, so they can use it to seal letters. Just make sure that the letter is their initial!

Pop culture-inspired

If you and your loved one have a love for pop culture and games, consider looking for accessories with those designs. It’s offbeat, unexpected, and it shows your significant other that your paying attention to their passions and interests—bonus points for when the accessory is cute, too.

The Bottom Line

Expressing love through jewelry will never go out of style because trends may come and go, but jewelry stays—albeit in different styles and forms. Observe your significant other, check their personality and interests—and you’ll be sure to find a piece of jewelry that expresses just how much you love and care for them.

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