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Amazing Benefits of Buying Lab Grown Diamonds

If you are a diamond lover, but at times find it difficult buying them as they are expensive stones, you can go for lab grown diamonds, that are chemically identical to mined diamonds. Today, these diamonds are increasingly used to make beautiful pieces of jewelry. There are many reasons why these amazing man-made diamonds are becoming so popular by the day.

What are, lab-grown diamonds?

As the name suggests, they are manufactured in synthetic labs under conditions which mimic the natural diamond-forming process, like high temperatures and high pressures. They are like natural diamonds and offer superb value similar to natural diamonds of comparable quality and size. The best thing is that they are more affordable than the natural ones. Lab grown diamonds have the optical, chemical and properties as mined diamonds, but you must only buy lab grown diamonds Melbourne from a reputable brand like Diamond Story.

Here are some benefits of lab-grown diamonds:

  • Improved quality & greater purity

The lab-grown diamonds are much purer as compared to naturally mined stones. They do not have any impurities or dirt ingrained in them. They not only have fewer defects but also show less signs of strain in their crystal structure as well. The reason is – they are made carefully under controlled conditions. The meaning of improved purity is that the diamonds are poised to be better, brighter, and whiter too. In fact, typically, a large proportion of lab grown diamonds get higher purity ratings in comparison to their natural counterparts.

  • Affordable diamonds

You all know colored diamonds often sell at inflated prices due to their rarity value, all thanks to technology. The lab grown colored diamonds are easily available for a fraction of the price of natural colored diamonds. They are even brighter and much more perfect in comparison to natural colored stones. Lab grown colored diamonds are steady in color, pure and can be easily bought from a trustworthy brand like Diamond Story in Melbourne.

  • Sustainable & environmentally friendly

You know that diamond mining could damage the sustainability of the earth. The mining of natural diamonds makes use of colossal amounts of fossil fuel, but the lab grown diamonds have none of such problems. In fact, with the increasing demand for rise and supply of mined ones being predicted to dwindle, so it is far more sustainable choice for having switch to manufacturing diamonds instead of mining them. So, synthetic diamonds or the lab grown diamonds are the answer to the fast growing gap between the supply and demand of this most beautiful stone.

To add further to the benefits of this remarkable stone, synthetic diamonds are completely vegan, unlike mined diamonds naturally. They are an affordable option for everyone involved, including the manufacturer, supplier, buyer, and the earth at large.

If you are looking for excellent quality lab grown diamonds Melbourne, in terms of cut, design, clarity and appeal, buy from Diamond Story. They not only offer affordable range of amazing collection of lab-grown diamonds but these diamonds are known for their radiance and impeccable quality as well.

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