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Best Men’s Workout Shorts You Need to Buy

Quarantine fifteen got you dreaming about getting back into the gym again? But before you can start pumping iron, take a minute to revamp your work out wardrobe. Let’s take a minute to discuss men’s work out shorts. With so much technology being sourced into developing better men’s sportswear, it is not any wonder there are a plethora of options that are available to the male consumer in the market for a new pair of workout shorts. But, let’s not get twisted; not all workout shorts are created equally. Let’s discuss the three basic workout shorts that every man should have in his closet before stepping foot back into the gym. After all, if you are going to commit to working out, you should commit to being prepared. 

The First Pair 

 The first pair of work out shorts every man should have in his closet is an essential workout short. This style short is like your go-to short for any workout activity; whether you plan on going for a run or for a hike, this pair of shorts will not let you down. These fan favorites should be clean-cut, lightweight, and temperature regulating. The basic short should be made from moisture-wicking fabric, which means material that draws sweat away from your body to the top of your shorts, which will eventually be evaporated. The basic workout shorts have an appropriate inseam, which runs about 10 inches long. The most important part about the basic workout short is while they are functional and refined looking, they are comfortable. As we know, when it comes to working out, comfort is key! The basic workout short should be versatile and should be easy to find in a variety of colors. 

The Second Option

The second pair of workout shorts every man should own is a more laid back pair of shorts you can wear around the house or to the gym; let’s call them “the run-around shorts.” These are perfect for the men who love the athleisure aesthetic; wear them to the store, around the house, or to the gym; the sky is the limit. These shorts typically come with a drawstring band to ensure a looser and comfortable fit. The run-around shorts are usually non-moisture wicking and made from cotton-like fabric for an optimal level of comfort. However, these shorts don’t skimp on style; these shorts deliver a clean-cut look that, when paired with the right shirt, can take you from the gym to dinner with the family with ease. In short (pun intended), these shorts say, “I like to party, but I also work out.” 

The Final Pair

The final pair of workout shorts that every man needs to add to his workout repertoire is the training shorts. These shorts are intended for the days that you decide, “it’s go time.” Training shorts were made for movement; they were born to breathe; they are the most hardened of the bunch. These shorts should allow you the room to stretch, squat, and help you make it through your toughest workouts. These shorts are great for cardio days, including runners, spinners, and skaters. The training shorts should be loaded with a breathable compression liner to hug your thighs of steel to give you the extra support you need to get you through your most grueling workouts. You will find these shorts lie around mid-thigh with about a seven-inch inseam to allow you to move through the toughest training program with ease. The training shorts should be made with lightweight fabric and flatlock stitching to provide comfort and breathability, and sophisticated style. The training short is an essential buy for the days you are ready to push your limits. 

An essential factor to consider when buying your workout shorts, no matter what style you are choosing, is quality. When investing in a pair of workout shorts, it is vital to ensure the fabric is breathable and stretchable. Materials that are blended with spandex, cotton, and polyester are excellent choices, as the fabrics tend to be sweat proof and stain proof. Depending on your needs, the material can be non-moisture- wicking or moisture-wicking to help achieve your desired comfort. While a good pair of workout shorts can run upwards of $80, it is essential to remember the golden of “quality over quantity,” as we have discussed, you only need three pairs of good quality workout shorts to meet all the needs of a vast array work out routines. 

These three styles of workout shorts are the quintessential trio that will check all of the boxes of your working out needs. From the most stringent training days to the days you want to do a quick workout and go to dinner with your family, with these three shorts in your closet, you will hit the mark every time. So, grab your shorts and get ready to hit the gym!

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