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X Most Popular Types of Watches for Men

Watches fell out of fashion as smart technology took hold, but as time goes on, more and more men are finding reasons to choose traditional wristwatches. The most popular types of watches for men are a style statement, a functional tool, and even an heirloom that you can pass on through the generations. Here are the most popular types of luxury mens watches and how to choose the right one for you.

1. Chronograph

Chronograph watches do more than just tell the time. These watches also work as stopwatches and are able to time in seconds, minutes, or hours. Many chronograph watches also contain additional features to enable you to track distance, monitor your heart rate, and other specialized functions. 

Most of the time, chronograph watches function on a quartz battery movement system. This is because chronograph watches often require more energy than other types of watches, so they are less likely to function well on a manual or automatic system. 

Chronograph watches have more moving parts than other watches, so they may tend to cost a bit more and they may feel a bit heavier in your hand. That said, if you are an athlete, enjoy watching and timing races, or for any other reason would benefit from the precise functions of a chronograph watch, this may be the ideal pick for you.

2. Dress

Dress watches are one of the few types of jewelry that almost all men feel comfortable wearing. When watches first came out, men mostly carried pocket watches while women wore wristbands. However, with the popularity of the aviator watch, wristbands became popular for men as well. 

Now, dress watches are the ones most commonly seen. This is because dress watches can be a great way to add flair and style to a suit or dress up a casual outfit. However, it also serves another important function:

Smartphones have replaced watches in many ways, however social niceties have developed around smartphone use. It is unacceptable in most circles to pull out your smartphone when you are at an official meeting or on a date. 

However, it is perfectly acceptable to glance at your watch or even fiddle with the knobs in these sorts of settings. That means that you can check the time or time how long someone is talking at a meeting without violating social norms. 

3. Field

Field watches were developed for military use. They are extremely durable, rugged, and able to withstand water, dirt, sand, and some impact. These watches generally have big, easy to read faces and often are clear in low light as well. 

Most of the time, they are attached to very stable and broad straps of leather or durable cloth. However, they can easily be exchanged for a more subtle strap when you want to wear the watch for other purposes than being out in the field.

4. Diving

Diving watches were developed for the straightforward reason of telling the time at great depths. They can withstand more water pressure than you are likely to want to dive too. However, even if you aren’t a diver, these types of watches can be very useful because they are durable and have big, clear faces that are easy to read even in very low-light.

What to Look for in Watches

Whatever kind of watch that you choose, the best ones will have a few things in common that help them stand out in a crowd and stand the test of time. Here are some features in mens watches that are worth looking out for:

  • Synthetic sapphire face. This material is second only to diamond its hardness, which makes it a very good choice for your watch face. Acrylic and glass watch faces may be scratched by sand, dirt, or impact with everyday objects. Synthetic sapphire, however, can hold up to impact with most materials and will be more likely to cause a scratch than to sustain one.
  • Interchangeable strap. You’re going to pay good money for a high-quality watch, so choose a face that you can use in multiple situations. A watch with an interchangeable strap allows you to wear the same watch through everyday life, to the beach or out on the field, and to more formal occasions.
  • Automatic movements. Unless you are investing in a very complex chronograph watch that requires a quartz battery, it is generally best to choose a watch with automatic movements. You won’t have to maintain this watch at all. Just wear it and it will keep on working beautifully for hundreds of years to come.

Choose a Great Watch

Carefully weigh your needs and look at the watches available to you to determine which one is the best fit. Remember that you will need to make some compromises in order to get the things you want the most. For instance, a watch with the most features may cost more and require a battery. A watch with a very small face that looks great on formal occasions may be difficult to read in low light. Pick the right watch or watches for your needs and enjoy all the benefits that this great traditional tool has to offer. 

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