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Essentials Of Organic Lip Restoration

One of the delicate spots on a human body is indeed the lip. While nature always takes care of us in the long run, we can never run away from taking care of ourselves. For example, a lip is an essential part of the body that nature will not handle for anyone. And that is why developing an excellent care routine for the lip is simply an excellent idea.

Lips have a fragile outer layer that cannot produce melanin and have virtually no oil glands to create moisture. Without proper hydration and care, lips can quickly become dry, chapped, cracked, and irritated. Notably, in winter, many people tend to experience cases of dry and cracked lips. For this reason, lip treatments should be an essential part of any skincare routine.

Organic Lip Balm Solutions

Often, people assume that lip balms are just a part of beauty products for women. The truth is, everyone is viable to use these products in their skincare routine, especially those who experience constant lip problems that may suggest dryness, cracks, and irritation.

A great organic lip balm can be a fantastic routine treatment to keep the lips moist, soft, and safe from sun damage. Organic lip balms offer the same effectiveness at healing dry lips as their synthetic counterparts without any potentially toxic ingredients like parabens, petroleum, alcohol, propylene glycol, and other potentially cancer-causing agents.

Choosing The Right Organic Lip Products

Since there are many organic lip restoration products today, being careful about what someone takes has never been emphasized on any better. Each company will claim that its ingredients are pure or free from chemicals, but the truth is that they are lying.

Remember, whatever goes on the lips will inevitably end up in the mouth and absorbed through the skin. As such, if users cannot eat it, why the risk of putting it on the skin? Using reputable organic lip balms, ensure that they only ingest the highest quality natural and organic vegetable oils, fruit extracts, honey, and herbs.

About the Best Lip Products

Organic lip balms are crafted with a blend of hard waxes, stable oils at room temperature, oils that are liquid at room temperature, and extras like essential oils, honey, teas, and vitamins. Hard waxes help lock in moisture, and common hard waxes used in organic lip balms are beeswax and candelilla wax (a vegan alternative).

Stable room temperature oils, like coconut oil and shea, give lip balms their distinctive “creamy” texture; whereas, liquid oils penetrate the skin for deeper anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-aging benefits. Extras like honey, essential oils, and herbs add flavor and work to treat specific lip conditions.

These natural ingredients are incredibly effective at healing even the most severely dry, chapped, inflamed lips. Some of the most common oils used in organic lip restoration balms are coconut oil, argan oil, avocado oil, sunflower/safflower oil, rosehip oil, jojoba calendula oil. Calendula oil is particularly great for parched lips because it softens skin and stimulates the growth of new skin cells.

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