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Facts you must be aware of polo shirts

Polo shirts are considered highly versatile shirts that men can wear. They are appropriate summer staples. It is believed that all gentlemen must have some polo shirts. The good thing about polo shirts is you can pair them with various wardrobe items, like seersucker, Madras, shorts, and chinos. Well-groomed gentlemen wear polo shirts when they visit tennis courts, golf courses, or move around for strolls. Golfers tend to wear polo shirts while playing golf, because of it’s comfortability at the same time classy look. Choose a men’s golf shirts that are slightly looser so that you can move more freely. Though a polo shirt is considered a wardrobe staple, at times, it becomes tough to discover the ideal fabric, cut, and combination so that men can extract the full benefits of every possibility that this exclusive shirt offers.

The fitting of the polo shirts

Commonly, polo shirts must be slim fitting and they should have fitted sleeves that reach nearly halfway between a man’s elbow and the shoulder. Though these shirts need to be fitted, yet they shouldn’t be tight on the wearer. A finger should slide between the wearer’s skin and the sleeve easily. The neckline which remains unbuttoned must reach down to the wearer’s chest part.

Sleeves and shoulder-width

Similar to a dress shirt, the polo shirts’ shoulder seam must sit on the wearer’s shoulder bone perfectly. The sleeves must come down nearly halfway to 2/3rds. If the polo shirts are shorter, then they look vintage and when they are longer, then they look highly trendy. Commonly, men wish for a slim fit in their sleeves.

The classic fit

Different manufacturers propose various types of fits and though they aren’t absolute indicators they tell people how they fit in comparison to other polo shirts belonging to the same brand. Polo shirts fit the best to men who lack chiseled pecs and washboard abs. The classic fit of polo shirts has low armholes with sleeves that reach nearly the elbow. They propose a highly relaxed drape. Additionally, as they have a longer back hem, men can tuck them into a pair of shorts or pants.

Why makes embroidered polo shirts popular?

Embroidered polo shirts are an ideal choice for businessmen who prefer to utilize polo shirts as a portion of their company uniform. Commonly, a company slogan or logo is embroidered on the chest. It is placed for complementing a name badge that is worn on the right-hand side. However, it is still unclear why these preferences have turned highly popular but they seem to be well-established amongst the majority of the businessmen.

Some polo shirts are embroidered with a logo too. Sometimes, a company logo is embroidered on the polo shirts’ back with a tagline or a slogan printed under it. The remarkable benefit of embroidered logos is they don’t wear out or get faded even after they have been washed several times. And so, they last longer in comparison to the printed garments. Additionally, they look excellently well and provide the impression of superior quality and expense. The best thing is embroidered polo shirts are affordable particularly when you place an order for these shirts in bulk.

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