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Why Men’s Joggers are the most preferred Streetwear.

In the age of millennials and Gen-Z, fashion no longer includes stuffy and uncomfortable apparel. Sleek, stylish and versatile are the new criteria for clothing. If you can wear the same clothes for zoom meetings as well as workout sessions, then you’re on the right track! One particular item that’s making its way into everyone’s wardrobe is men’s joggers – effortless and comfy.

Joggers are light-weight, cotton track-pants that hang loosely on the legs and taper towards the ankles. An elastic waistband, as well as a band around the ankles, give it a carefree yet sleek look. With the new athleisure trends of stylish sportswear that you can wear for almost any occasion, joggers are gaining momentum and have become a must-have for the fashion-forward man. Athleisure brands like Sporto Flexiwear cater to this semi-casual trend and offer various joggers as well as other cool apparel.

But what makes the simple pair of joggers so popular?

Flex your muscles in flexwear

Unlike the loose and shapeless track-pants, joggers provide the same comfort of loose clothing but are slimmed down to accentuate the legs. They don’t look baggy and are breathable, ideal for wearing during tough workout sessions. There are also different styles of joggers track pants

, from sporty ones to casual, everyday joggers.

From road trips to round table conferences

Need something cool to wear for that long flight? The answer is joggers.

Need a semi-formal outfit for the next meeting? You guessed it – joggers!

What makes this piece of clothing so popular is its versatility. With the right styling, lazy weekend joggers can turn into urban and contemporary pants for a night out, or smart-looking apparel for the next business meeting. Dressing smartly no longer involves pant-suits and trousers. The perfectly tailored pair, that’s not too baggy and doesn’t sag at the knees will pull an entire outfit together.

How can you pull off all these looks? Well, here are some ways to style the effortless men’s joggers.

Casual and cool:

The easiest way to wear joggers is with self-coloured t-shirts and sneakers. This is a great outfit for morning jogs or supermarket strolls. Wear printed tees for a more laid-back look, ideal for lazy Sundays. Add a pair of sunglasses and a watch for a more casual look.

For coffee dates and parties:

If you have a big party coming up or an important semi-formal event, then you can’t go wrong with a pair of joggers. By dressing up your joggers and pairing it with smart attire, you will be flaunting the best outfit for sure. Try pairing your joggers with a cool t-shirt and a bomber jacket or a denim jacket. You can even throw on your best dress-shirt without any jacket. Add a pair of vans or canvas shoes to complete the look. Feel free to accessorise as you wish, to turn the lazy outfit into a perfect ensemble for a night out.

Dress like a Boss

While joggers may not be formal, by simply pairing a smart shirt t-shirt and blazer with a sleek pair of shoes, you will have a fresh outfit, perfect for the office. Select a black pair of joggers with minimal prints to pull off this look. Remember to keep a neutral colour palette and choose simple buttoned-up shirts. You can even add a scarf. The combination of a partly formal and partly casual look is very eye-catching and makes one appear approachable.

Layer for everyday looks

If you want an everyday look that you can wear to work, for lunch dates, or just to hang out with friends, then layering outfits with your joggers is the way to go. Add a sweatshirt over a collared shirt for a sophisticated, smart look. Throw on an overcoat during the winters for a classy ensemble. For a more casual look, wear your best hoodie over a t-shirt. Leather jackets and boots are a great option as well. Whatever the occasion, layering and mixing your clothes with the right pair of joggers is always a good option.

Gym time!

Finally, the comfiest workout attire is any full t-shirt for men with a sporty pair of joggers. Sporto Flexiwear has many options like lightweight jersey t-shirts or hoodies for men to go along with the joggers. The breathable material and stretchable fabric allows for easy movement and doesn’t cling onto the body, making workouts much more comfortable. The lightweight cotton also keeps sweat away.

Joggers have taken urban streetwear scene by storm and for good reason. From day to night, these trendy track-pants can be worn and styled in numerous ways, perfect for any event. So, pick up a few pairs for yourself and design your own streetwear look today.

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