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Find Your Perfect Scent: An Introduction to the Fragrance Wheel

Have you ever had a stranger breeze by you and their delicious perfume lingers in the air? Have you ever wondered if you could smell so good?

We know that perfumes smell differently on different people because of differences in body chemistry. Maybe you feel despair at all the choices out there. Body chemistry is kind of an ambiguous term.

How are you ever supposed to know your own body chemistry?

Well, read on to find out about the fragrance wheel. You can use this system to find the best perfume for your specific body chemistry.

What Is the Fragrance Wheel?

For one, what is a fragrance wheel? You probably have never heard of this term.

The basic concept is that different scents belong in different families, and depending on the family they are in, they complement each other in multiple ways.

Michael Edwards created the modern fragrance wheel in the ’90s. He created it because he empathized with consumers. He knew finding a fragrance is often frustrating. He hoped with this tool that consumers could feel more confident in their fragrance choice.

Why Use One?

If you understand the fragrance wheel, you’ll be on your way to mastering scents in no time. You can find your scent.

Understanding the fragrance wheel will help you find that coveted signature scent for you. A scent that smells absolutely amazing, only when it’s on you.

It can be difficult to know how to choose a perfume these days. Especially because many people do their shopping online, making a “blind buy” can be risky and a hassle.

If you understand the fragrance wheel, you’ll have more insurance that your blind buy will work out for you.

How to Use It

The fragrance wheel is split into four families. The four families are floral, oriental, woody, and fresh.

There are sub-groups within each family that provide more detail about the scent. Scents can be ‘floral-oriental’ or ‘woody-oriental’. Scents that are closer together are more related than scents further apart on the wheel.

Apparently, people are naturally predisposed to like scents from at most two families. If they like scents outside of those families, it is because of an emotional connection to the scent.

This makes sense because scents heavily relate to emotion and memory. Smelling a scent can immediately bring you back to a time you felt strongly or strong memory.

It can be useful to go over the fragrance wheel and think about each of the subgroups.

Are there groups that you love and are drawn to, and groups that make you wince when you smell them? Maybe you’re averse to smelling like a grandma, so you do not like overly powdery and floral scents.

Over time, by smelling more scents and classifying them according to the fragrance wheel, you will be able to find out your fragrance profile and eventually find your scent. You can check out some starter perfumes at good prices here.

The World of Scent

The world of scent is a fascinating one. Hopefully, you are excited to explore, equipped with your new knowledge of the fragrance wheel.

You can discover more about matching scents in our lifestyle section. Good luck!

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