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The 3 styles of Flat Sandals to Own

Summer rhymes with barefoot! Sandals are a great shoe classic. To wear without moderation to give allure and daring to your summer outfits whether they are casual or dressy.

But how to navigate among all the offers of sandals existing on the market? Between the new trends, the essentials of always and those that you saw in the street and which you immediately liked?

In order to choose your flat sandals, follow the guide!

1) The Spartans

The gladiator sandals are all multi-strap sandals. Inspired by the famous Greek shoes, there are all kinds of them now.

How to choose them well?

They are chosen in leather and preferably in a natural colour. Go for all camel shades (from dark brown to light beige) or even a beautiful nude.

Choose the spartan according to your foot. Thin feet can afford the spartan with thin straps, or its sister sandal with ribbons which is also very elegant. If you have a strong foot, opt for larger strap widths and good foot support to be comfortable.

How to wear them with style?

Play on basic clothes to highlight your shoes: a pretty white or navy-blue dress with a simple shape, or a fluid jumpsuit.

The key is to wear short so that you can highlight your cheap pumps shoes and your ankles. If you’re wearing pants, be sure to roll up the bottom so you can see all the straps.

2) Minimalist sandals

They rule the summer as much as the bikini. Unlike the spartan, these are sandals with a very simple shape and often composed of only a few straps, you almost have the impression of being barefoot! There are different forms. They have the gift of giving a very chic aspect to any outfit.

 How to choose them well?

Go for white colour or metallic shades. You can also play with funky shades like turquoise blue, salmon pink or coral.

For the model, in order to gain in walking comfort, make sure that the sole is not too rigid. A flexible sole will help the shoe to adhere to the ground and prevent you from discomfort in contact with the foot.

How to wear them with style?

It’s simple, everything suits them! If you opt for an outfit built around basics, then don’t forget to accentuate it with a strong piece such as an accessory (bib, long necklace, printed scarf or coloured belt for example). You can also add a nice jacket (printed or in a shape that cuts like a kimono) to give allure to your outfit.

 Of course, these minimalist sandals will be perfect with a strong piece such as a long tropical print dress, or a colourful outfit.

3) the Modern sandal

Flat mules, slides, or models with a small platform and a futuristic look, these are certainly the most comfortable sandals in your wardrobe.

How to choose them well?

Most of the time, these are models that simply slip on. These are then the ideal sandals for the beach. They are also your best friends at home in “summer slippers”.

Plastic slides are also good choices for the beach. You will find simple and fanciful ones; the choice is yours!

Another option, the flat mules, cousins of the slides but in leather this time. They dress nicely, are comfortable and easy to put on. They have that little retro side while being modern because they have been brought up to date in pretty colours and materials.

How to wear them with style?

All your outfits will go very well with as long as you choose a colour that lends itself to it! Once again, think about your basics: nude, camel, navy blue, metallic, etc.

Cheap pumps shoes are another alternative for those who want to create a classy look this summer season.

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