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Five Common Beard Styling and Trimming Mistakes to Avoid

If your beard is styled and maintained right, it will reward you in ways you would have never imagined. It will make you more desirable. But, there are some style mistakes that do the exact opposite. Whether you are growing your first beard or you have been showcasing different beard styles for years,

here are styling mistakes you must avoid:

Allowing your Beard to Grow Into Any Shape It Wants

Sure, you need to be patient while growing a beard and not trimming it all the time to ensure optimal growth. However, finding this balance is vital. If you don’t give your beard a shape from time to time, it will look scraggly, malnourished, and ugly. Ensure to trim your beard and comb it into submission.

Trimming the Beard when Wet

Trimming your beard may be the toughest aspect of having a beard. And one of the common trimming mistakes people make is trimming the beard when it is wet. With a damp or wet beard, the water will straighten out the beard hairs, causing it to be longer than normal. When it fully dries, the beard will shorten slightly and settle into a place where it will look on every day. Thus, start trimming only when the beard is fully dry.

Not Defining your Neckline

By defining your neckline, you can add shape to your beard and provide your beard with a more groomed look. If you have your neckline, ensure it is not directly on your jawline. This mistake will make your beard look very small and not proportionate to your face. A jawline that is too high will give the look of a much thinner beard. Therefore, make sure to shave your beard in where your head connects to your neck. Typically, this line is above the Adam’s apple and shave it here will provide your beard with a much fuller look at all lengths.

Trimming Too Often

Usually, beardmen complain that their beards are growing too slow. However, they are actually trimming too often to try to cut each flyaway hair and keep it perfectly shaped at all times. If you want to add length to your beard, grow it without trimming for 90 days. If some wild hairs sprout out of nowhere along the way, trim them without doing any serious trimming.

Not Using the Right Type of Beard Comb

Sure, you need a beard comb for your beard; however, the wrong beard comb can do more harm than good. Avoid cheap plastic combs at all costs because they are made in giant molds where the plastic is poured into the mold, then dries and hardens. The combs are snapped out of the mold and leave flaws along the comb’s teeth.

Such tiny imperfections can rip and cause damage to your beard hairs. In addition, the plastic causes static when you comb through your beard and make your beard frizz out, making it look more unruly than it has to be. The best beard comb is one made of wood. A wood beard comb is anti-static and best distributes your beard oil and beard butter.

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