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Getting Your Skin Inked? Why Get a Tattoo

If you look around you, everyone seems to have a tattoo today. People have had their skin inked from their arms, backs, necks, ankles, and legs. The inscriptions come in different shapes, forms, and styles. Now, you may find yourself searching for tattoo artists to join the bandwagon. Looking at tattoo designs is fascinating. As most tattoo enthusiasts say, once you get your skin inked, you begin planning for the next design.

However, when you think of the pain associated with tattooing, you suddenly feel ambivalent. After all, it takes a needle to get something written on your skin. Nevertheless, you remain fascinated with why other people are much obsessed with this form of art. Yes, tattooing is considered a body art. If you consistently wonder why people get tattoos, well, there is no single answer. People get tats for a broad range of reasons.

Celebrate Your Ultimate Fandom

When you look at tattoo designs, you’ll see hundreds of themes, such as Star Wars, DC Comics, Marvel, Yankees, Red Sox, and so on. Some people are just passionate about their favorite shows, actors, movies, cartoon characters, books, songs, sports themes, etc., so they want to put a permanent marker on their body.

Perhaps, these things had a significant influence on their life. When you analyze it, getting a tattoo that’s based on these elements is a way to honor the writer, singer, artist, or athlete behind them. It is a unique way of thanking these people who put life into these works and left a lasting impression in the world.

It is akin to stepping out of a house wearing your favorite logo shirt. It shows your ideals and tells the world what matters to you. Other people who are also fans will recognize that tattoo and readily give compliments. Thus, skin ink becomes a great conversation starter between strangers who share the same favorites.

Remember People Who Matter

Designs can bear a deep meaning for others because they chose it to remember a close family member or friend who passed away. Some people feel such a deep sense of loss that they tattoo a person’s name and that death anniversary on their skin. You will also see tattoos of praying hands, cancer ribbons, angel halos, dog tags, or angel wings. These significant symbols also remind people of someone who has gone ahead.

Some people choose to get a design that’s the favorite of their deceased loved ones like a favorite song lyric or flower. Others can even copy the actual signature based on an old written note. These tattoos become a symbolic representation of their loved ones who have left the ephemeral world. Although it is never possible to bring someone back, getting a tattoo on your skin makes you feel close and connected to your loved one.

Commemorate Important Events

Most people choose a design because they hold profound meaning. Although a few get a random drawing during one drunken night, most people who get inked are careful about their designs. They do several consultations with tattoo artists until they settle on the perfect one.

Some choose their tattoo design based on a momentous occasion. You could do the same when there are important moments in your life. Things like your graduation day, liberation from a crappy marriage through a divorce, the birth of your children, or launching your first business could be reasons why you choose to get your skin ink. These moments are so crucial that you want to remember them forever.

Show Your Unique Identity

The design you choose will show your unique identity. Some people who already have several inks on their skin are unapologetic about their choices. After all, people get tattoos, not for outside approval, but their own enjoyment. If you do end up getting one based on your favorite character, remember the only person who has to like the design is you.

When you see a Tasmanian Devil tattoo, a Loony Toons character, you may think it’s quite silly for a grown-up to be obsessed with this cartoon. However, the show represents something unique for this person than it does to you. Tattoos teach you to respect other people’s choices though you may not understand them. People like different things, and that is okay.

Express Self Through Art

For some people, their chosen design is a form of self-expression. The design is art. Sometimes, the design may not have meaning, other than they found it aesthetically pleasing. Choosing something visually appealing is enough. After all, as the saying goes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Others just choose what goes well with their skin tone, akin to make up. In a sense, a tattoo can also be a form of accessory and a fashion statement. If you choose to get your first tattoo, eventually, you will have something unique in your body. Perhaps, it will help you be more confident. After all, you were brave enough to stand up for your choice and endured a bit of the dull pain that comes along with getting your skin inked.

Final Word

If you happen to find yourself thinking about these, it means you are one step closer to getting inked. Welcome to the club! However, remember that a tattoo is a permanent decision. Getting them removed is painful and very expensive, so it may not even be an option down the line. Be sure to do your research, think through it, and be absolutely sure about getting your tattoo. Perhaps, you may not be able to afford to change your mind later on.

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