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Hair Problems and The Key to Treat and Nourish It

Healthy and nourished hair is the reflection of a healthy body. Nourishment provides the essential nutrients to the hair and the scalp both internally and externally with the help of food and hair products. Sources reveal that it has reduced ผมเสียจากการจัดแต่งทรง and also from breakages. Signs of nourished hair are thick, shiny, strong, soft, and bouncy. การบำรุงผม also determines how healthy or damaged one’s hair is. E.g., If someone is using shampoo, conditioner, any chemical, styling, heating products, or other hair products such as serum daily, there are chances that hair will be damaged or even could lead to hair fall. One should regularly look after their damaged hair with the proper product.

How to Nourish Hair in The Easiest Way

  1. Choose the Correct Product: The most important factor for Hair Treatment and nourishment is choosing the suitable product for the hair. One should be aware of his/her hair, whether straight, curly, oily, dry or normal.

E.g. One should apply Hair Oil if his/her hair is particularly dry and frizzy, although hair oil should be applied for every hair type. The best way for dry and curly hair is to take a few drops of oil and apply them to the scalp. It strengthens the hair cores, roots and follicles.

And, for oily as well as dry hair, particularly, one should use shampoo and conditioner. It includes milk protein, tea tree oil, beetroot, and herbal extracts. Applying them gives rise to soft, shiny, and strong hair. Ketoconazole and selenium sulfide reduces dandruff and fungal infections to a long extent, maintaining the scalp clean and clear.

  1. Hair Treatment: Hair Treatment is the best form of nourishment one can have. Numerous ingredients give supplementary nourishment to our hair.
  • Honey, Eggs, Lemon Juice, and Yoghurt (curd) can be applied to the hair and left for half an hour before washing it off. It nourishes the hair naturally, and the healing properties undo the damage.
  • In the oily hair, blend an egg white and lemon juice and apply it as a mask. Also, one can mix aloe vera gel and put it in a spoon of apple vinegar. It nourishes the hair and lessens oiliness.
  • In the case of dry hair, honey stirred with water is best used as a hair moisturizer. One can mix hibiscus flowers and leaves and then utilize it as a cover for fluffy and glossy hair.

In dull hair, blend an egg with curd, mix it and then apply it like a follicle mask for thickness, bounce and glimmer.

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