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A Few Tips for Good Nail Care and Nail Art

Nail art is an artistic way in which the nails are painted, decorated, enhanced, and adorned. This is a style of artwork that can be done on fingernails, toenails usually after manicures. Manicures and pedicures are Beauty Therapies in which the nails are cut, formed, and polished. These techniques also strip the cuticles and smooth the skin around the nails. Manicure types can range from polishing to powdering and acrylic nails. If you want to know more about NailsAMore, you may visit our website for the latest designs and color shades. If you are amateur and want to do nail art, here are a few steps that are followed by nail artisan to give you the best nail design and shape:

Stop Struggling With Borders

End the border war! Can you find staying in the line when you are painting the nails? Just get some adhesive or glue and put the skin on the outside of your nails, quite easy huh!  You can now polish and dry your nails. When dried, the glue can be scrubbed gently and the wrong color will wash out.

Speed Up Drying! 

Are you too impatient to wait and let your nail dry? This one is going to help you. Now, paint your nails and plunge them in the ice-cold water after a minute and you would be ready to go after a couple of seconds.

Give A Matte Finish

Two simple ways to convert any regular nail color into a matte chic finish. One is to drop a pinch of cornflour into the bottle of nail polish and stir it with a toothpick.

Or simply paint the nails with regular paint, boil the water in a pan and let the nails face the steam of boiling water on the pan. The look behind this will be fine matte. You can also get different matte shades from nail salon Woodbridge.

Fix Your Chip Nails

Just one night before your big day when your nails are chipped, no concerns, just pick up a teacup, remove the tea leaves, and cut a little piece of the tea paper badly. Paint the adhesive then put one piece on the chipped nail. Paint away!

Simple Nail Stencil

Take a plastic rubber and tie it in the middle. Wear the nail with the little end of the tied-up rubber band and wear the other end of the thumb to hold it. On the back of the nail, paint it down. After the paint, dry it, remove the band and apply a clear paint coat.

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