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Men’s Wardrobe Essentials: What Every Man Should Have In His Closet

Men’s fashion trends might grab your attention and get you excited about the upcoming season. But it’s always the tried and true men’s wardrobe essentials that you reach for whenever you want to look good and feel great.

Classic looks like jeans and a tee or a smart suit will always be in style, no matter what. Sure, you can add a fashion-forward pair of shades or an edgy jacket if you want to inject something new. But you can be sure that when those items are suddenly far from cool, the closet essentials you paired them with are still as relevant as ever.

So, what items should have in your closet? Keep reading to learn the wardrobe essentials no man should be without!

Dark Suit

If suits are part of your work dress code you’ll likely have more than one as well as accessories like a green knitted tie and some eye-catching cufflinks. But even for those of you working in non-office environments, a men’s suit can still be one of the hardest working wardrobe essentials.

Choose a single-breasted suit in a dark color like charcoal gray, navy blue, or black. This way, you can mix and match the pants and suit jacket into more casual ensembles when you want to be smart but not too formal.

White Button-Down Shirt

Add some crisp minimalism to smart and off-duty looks alike with a white button-down shirt. Details like black buttons or a textured cotton weave add interest without straying too far from the shirt’s classic feel. And opting for a more relaxed collar makes it easier to wear your shirt with or without a tie.

Straight-Leg Blue Jeans

A list of closet essentials wouldn’t be complete without a pair of classic-fit blue jeans. Sure, you can add different colored denim, skinny styles, and ripped jeans to the mix. But the foundation of any good denim collection is a pair of comfortable and oh-so-timeless straight-leg jeans.

Basic White T-Shirt

The humble t-shirt is a men’s fashion essential that is as stylish now as it was when the likes of James Dean and Marlon Brandon first pulled one on. While you can add other colors over time, no men’s clothing collection is complete without a simple white one. Wear with everything from your smartest suit to your baggiest sweatpants and you’ve got an outfit right there.

Gray Sweatshirt

Men’s clothing tends to operate around a limited color palette of black, white, and blue. To add something new to the equation, a gray crewneck sweatshirt is the perfect accompaniment to a jeans and white t-shirt combo. Leave your t-shirt untucked to show a hint of white at the bottom of your sweatshirt for a considered look.

Men’s Wardrobe Essentials 

With these men’s wardrobe essentials in your closet, getting dressed every morning will be a lot quicker and easier.

And, even if you do add trend-led pieces now and again, you can be sure that you’ll have the perfect basics to pair them with.

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