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How To Take Good Care Of Your Mattress

Today, there are different mattresses ranging from orthopedic mattresses, hard mattresses, soft mattresses, and old-fashioned mattresses. No matter what type of mattress you have, there are certain ways to take good care of it. Here are five tips that will help you take good care of it.

  1. Change the sheets

First, you need to change the sheets regularly. Although this may seem like a no-brainer, it is important that you do so. If you fail to change your mattress sheet regularly, the dirt and sweat from your body will stick on your mattress, making it dirty. Moreover, cracks or creases might occur because of the pressure caused by heavy body parts like elbows and knees. This may lead to the development of mites, bedbugs, and various bacteria, which can be harmful to your health.

  1. Avoid jumping on it

This is another tip that you need to remember when taking care of your mattress: avoid jumping on it. Yes, bouncy houses are good for kids’ physical activities, but they are not good for your mattress. Jumping on the bed might damage the springs and coils, which are the primary components of a spring-type mattress. These components work together to provide back support and shape to the mattress. Thus, they should work properly if you want to use your mattress for a long time.

  1. Use a mattress protector

A mattress protector serves as a barrier between the mattress and dirt or sweat from your body which can cause it to deteriorate quickly. However, you should not use ordinary plastic sheeting because it does not allow air to flow through. A good example is the cotton cloth type which allows air to flow easily. Also, ensure you choose the right size of the mattress protector. For instance, if you have a double mattress size, get a mattress protector for a double bed. It is also worth remembering that if you get one that is too small, it will definitely slip off. On the other hand, one that is not too big will not fit properly, thus defeating the purpose of a mattress protector.

  1. Turn it over regularly

While a mattress protector is a good barrier between your mattress and dirt, sweat, and other body liquids, it is not advisable to sleep on the same side for a long time. This will cause your mattress to wear out quickly. Thus, turn it over regularly to allow both sides of the mattress to be used evenly.

  1. Ensure it is properly supported

Lastly, when you buy a mattress, make sure it is supported well by the bed. Make sure it does not sag when resting on it or when you apply pressure. If you can feel the coils when resting on it, it is time to change your mattress because the coils are already worn out.

Take Away

Taking good care of your mattress doesn’t have to be stressful. The tips mentioned above will not only ensure your mattress stays clean but can also extend its life of it.

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