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How to wear a t-shirt for a man?

In recent years, T-shirts have become one of the most indispensable elements of men’s wardrobe. They are worn not only during sports training and outdoor activities, the variety of models allows you to choose excellent options even for the formation of a business image.

Colored and monochromatic, with lettering and appliqués, in classic or ultra-modern style – men’s T-shirts have become an integral part of modern fashion.

The question of what to wear a T-shirt for a man today worries many representatives of the stronger sex, who follow their style and want to look irresistible even in everyday life.

Each season, new ideas and options for fashionable images appear, many of which later become real classics. It should be noted that men’s T-shirts are universal, therefore they are successfully combined with a variety of wardrobe items.

They have long ceased to be considered an exclusively summer version of clothing; many models are perfect even for winter wear.

A great example is the classic solid color long-sleeved graphic tees t shirts for man, which are successfully combined with pullovers, insulated blazers and jackets of a variety of models. Before proceeding to the description of current fashion trends, it is worth paying attention to the most popular models of men’s T-shirts.

What T-shirts are in fashion this season?

Among dozens of models of men’s T-shirts, only a few have gained worldwide fame and popularity; they have remained in the top of fashion trends for more than one year.

The main advantages of such graphic tees t shirts for man are convenience, spectacular appearance and versatility; such things will become a real boon for those who follow modern fashion and their style. In the ranking of the most popular models, the following are worth highlighting:

  • Classic with a boat neckline;
  • Polo shirts;
  • V-neck models;
  • Rugby shirts;
  • Models with a fitted design;
  • Designer t-shirts with an asymmetric cut.

The most common option for many years has been classic models with a rounded neck. Only at first glance they may seem boring and mundane to modern fashionistas, plain T-shirts of this type are an integral part of the classic look. But one has only to add a beautiful pattern, original lettering or other design elements to the men’s tactical tops, and it can turn into a key part of the image.

Polo shirts with an elegant collar have also become world classics for a long time, they have remained relevant for more than a dozen years.

Modern fashion has influenced this category of things, and if earlier polo shirts were mainly in pastel colors, now you can find many bright and unusual models in stores.

For almost ten years, men’s casual style T-shirts have remained relevant; models with a V-neck are a vivid example of things in this category. They are in perfect harmony with a variety of clothing options, can be plain or colored.

T-shirts with a V-neck in black are perfect for a business suit, but brighter versions of such T-shirts are better left for relaxing in an informal setting.

Fashionable rugby t-shirts with long sleeves, which are considered one of the most versatile modern models, are also worth noting.

Men’s tactical tops in a dark monotonous shade are a great option for a classic business style, and for a relaxing break in a friendly company, you can choose a beautiful two-tone model or an option with bright stripes.

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