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How to wear jewelry when you have no idea what suits you

Not all jewelry needs to be custom, or work with every piece of clothing you have. The first thing to remember is that different jewelry pieces will go with different things. But once you have a decent sized collection you do not need to buy new pieces frequently, or at all, if you choose not to.

Silver or Gold

The first thing to do as a beginner jewelry wearer is to determine if you look better in silver or gold. This relies heavily on color theory. Cool skin tones, should, generally speaking rely heavier on silver. While warm toned people should buy gold colored pieces.

Buy a few pieces

This is an invitation to buy some jewelry, yes, but go easy. Purchase some cheap things and see if you like the feel of jewelry to begin with. Note: You will notice the feel of jewelry more when you begin wearing it than when you have worn it for a while.

What to buy

-Necklaces, buy a necklace or two in your preferred color, if you do not know whether you are warm or cool toned, buy one of each and see which one you like more after wearing it for a while

-Rings, rings are easy because you can often get a bunch at stores like Ardenes. The idea behind this sort of purchase is to just get your hands on as many different styles of rings as possible, so you can try out as much as possible.

-Bracelets, these should be simple and elegant to begin with as getting chunky dangly pieces will only irritate you when just starting off.

-Ear piercings, I would suggest keeping the classic one hole per ear until one is absolutely sure they want to go for a look with more ear accessories.


Designate pieces to go with specific outfits, so you do not forget to put them on. This will also help with styling, and when in a rush to get out no one needs to extra work of having to decide which bracelet, or earring to put on.

If you buy two necklaces of the same length but wish to layer them, it is alright. All you have to do is simply attach the two necklaces together to create one long necklace, and then wrap the necklaces around your neck, adjusting the length, then simply connect in the back.

When organizing your jewelry, little boxes or baggies usually work best. There is no need to invest in a fancy ring stand, or one of those fake necks for your personalized jewelry. All that really needs to happen is for a clean drawer or closet space to present itself and you are off to the races.

Avoid the urge to play with your jewelry. Just do not do it and you will not get into the habit of doing it. It is annoying to most people and looks childish.

Jewelry is yours to play with. Do no let anyone else tell you how to do it. If you like something, do it, it is easy enough to take off if you decide the look is not for you.

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