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Reviews, Social Media Trends, and Live-Streaming: What Kind of Content is Popular Among Fashion Influencers?

Back in the day, people into fashion would subscribe to and wait for their monthly magazines for advice and trends. However, these days, the material is immediately available and easily accessible to anyone with an active internet connection and a computer or mobile device. If you have a penchant for fashion, you may already have explored social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram. But lately, many fashion-focused ideas can be found showcased using short-form video formats.

Existing entirely in video format, these channels offer users the opportunity to showcase their personalities, skills, and others in short-form videos. The great thing about the application is that the need to edit perfect material is non-existent. Every uploaded post is relatable and real, and this is especially crucial for those in search of guides on stepping up their game in fashion.

So, if you’re looking to broaden your knowledge or style, here are some of the popular content among fashion influencers that you can use after you’ve played your favourite games at

Styling specific items

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A popular type of video from fashion influencers is selecting a specific clothing item and demonstrating several styling ways. Picking pieces that people are likely to have, like mom jeans or blazers, will enable you to broaden your reach and connect with more users than you would have otherwise. And it’s also best to stick to your personal preference and feature clothing that you wear. Doing so will allow you to engage people who share a similar style to yours. It’ll also show your audience your authenticity and gain you more followers as a result.

Copying celebrity outfits

When producing fashion-related content, it’s always a good idea to look at what other people have worn. And who better to copy than celebrities? By showing viewers how to make the high-end fashion style of their favourite celebrities more accessible, you’ll be able to get more followers. Best of all, it’ll be a while before you run out of ideas for celebrity outfits.

Show off your shopping haul

Videos focused on shopping hauls aren’t something new, and they’re usually long-winded recaps uploaded to video streaming websites like YouTube. However, short-form videos have made this type of content interesting again, thanks in no small part to the creation of captions and transitions. Since the majority of hauls are from vintage shops and thrift stores, there’s a better chance of finding hidden gems. So, make sure you explore your options and get the hang of the social media platform’s editing features. It will make a difference.

Experiment with DIY fashion

Many fashion influencers enjoy creating content showing off their DIY skills because they can exhibit their artistic talents while giving viewers good ideas that can elevate their style. Whether it’s revamping an outfit or customizing specific pieces, demonstrating your creativity in fashion is an excellent way to get more followers.


There’s no better way for those who have a passion for fashion to create engaging content than to look towards what’s popular among the influencers. So, give these ideas a shot. You may just create the next viral video.

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