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Life Jackets: Benefits You Need to Know

When taking your children boating or swimming, make sure they have Australian Coast Guard-approved life jackets on them. When it actually comes to your child’s safety, the advantages of a kid’s life jackets are many. The advantages considerably exceed the disadvantages, and this will always be the case due to extensive usage and substantial cushioning. On the other hand, some parents actually prefer to forego the use of life jackets altogether, which is a dangerous decision given the dangers of swimming alone in deep water. The Australian Coast Guard (ACG) has approved life jackets (also known as “personal flotation devices” or “PFDs”) as the safest and most effective equipment for preventing drowning. If you’re on the fence about getting a child’s life vest, consider these compelling reasons to do so:

Wearing a life jacket keeps your youngster safe at all times.

Children’s life jackets make it easier for them to float in water, so they may freely use their arms while wearing them. It may be helpful if any harmful animals are around, such as sharks or other marine life.

Life jackets allow children to remain in deep water for more extended periods

Your children will be able to stay in deeper water for more extended periods, and they will also be better equipped to aid themselves if they get trapped in the water and need assistance. Without life jackets, children can’t handle hazardous currents or higher speeds and those who are wearing them.

Wearing a life jacket allows your children to participate in watersports safely

It’s not uncommon for parents to actually find themselves on a beach with their children when there is no lifeguard assistance to ensure their safety. When children are wearing life jackets, parents can relax knowing that their children are safe and have as much fun as adults.

Children benefit from the use of life jackets while swimming

Even if a youngster dislikes the water, wearing a kid’s life jackets makes them feel more comfortable and protected when swimming. Knowing how to swim reduces your child’s danger of drowning, which gives you peace of mind.

If your children are wearing life jackets, they will be more stable and have more excellent balance

Using a life jacket for your youngster while you’re in deep water with strong currents keeps them upright at all times. It also teaches children how to keep their balance in an emergency like a shipwreck or a falling piece of debris.

The use of life jackets may assist in keeping you safe from drowning

Wearing a life jacket may help protect your kid from severe injury or even death if dangerous creatures are in the water. Children who wear life jackets are better suited to withstand most currents and waves and are less likely to sustain injuries, such as broken bones, when on the water.

Your children’s heads will remain above water if they are wearing life jackets

Children have less body fat than adults. Thus they should always wear a child’s life jacket while boating in deep water. Children who don’t wear them will have a hard time breathing since their heads will frequently drop below the water’s surface. It is particularly true if they’ve just finished swimming and are already weary.

Wearing a life jacket increases visibility for children

On the water, you’d want to make sure your youngsters are well-visible to other boaters. Others might mistake them for anything else in the water since they are small, if they aren’t wearing life jackets.

Wearing a life jacket encourages children to learn to swim more quickly

Your child’s learning curve for fundamental swimming abilities will be reduced based on the sort of vest you choose for them. Parents may feel secure knowing that their children won’t drown if they use a particular floatation device made particularly for them.

In the long run, it will be preferable than not having one at all

Even while swim vests aren’t foolproof, they do help keep children and adults safe from drowning. The most incredible life jacket can allow you more time to swim to safety if you’ve ever found yourself in a difficult situation. Otherwise, you’d be submerged and unable to get to safety.

Wearing a life jacket may reduce your child’s fear of water

Children who are apprehensive about going near the pool may change their minds if they realise that they will be safe in their life vests in the water, even though sharks and other dangerous creatures may still exist. When your children are wearing a child-specific personal floatation device, they will be less afraid of the water since it gives them a greater sense of security.

A child’s life jacket may be purchased at a reasonable price

A child’s life vest is a bargain when compared to the costs of a funeral. In comparison to hiring a professional boat driver or paying medical fees, they often cost $15-$25.

Fits your children like a glove

Life vests for children up to 30-40 kg are available, and they are designed to keep youngsters safe and secure even if the waves in an emergency are blowing them about. Most adult life jackets aren’t made for children, so if your kid is still learning to swim, make sure you get them their own.

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