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4 Wedding Accessories to Use for Decoration

Your wedding day is actually getting closer, and you have finalised a theme. However, do you have enough ideas to bring it closer to your dream? Decorations using wedding accessories can help! Using them, you can extend the idea and make your theme apt.

Do you wish to capture your ideas and implement them in the best way possible with minimal decoration? Read on and find ideas to decorate your wedding by accessorising.

It’s almost your wedding, and everything is ready. Although, you may feel that something’s missing? They are probably the wedding essentials, capturing everybody’s attention and bringing an element of surprise to the wedding.

Decorated Hoop Wreath

Hoop Wreaths create a traditional look or a festive vibe. Plus, if your wedding theme is floral, hoop wreaths would be the perfect fit. You can decorate your wedding venue with hoop wreaths easily! Just choose the space you want your hoop wreaths to be and follow a pattern.

You can choose a large hoop wreath to make it stand at the altar or create small ones and decorate them in the corners of the hall. Take photos with these cute loops of foliage accessories.

Expert tip: Want your hoop wreaths to stand out? Add the lights! You can swirl them around the hoop and create a romantic vibe.

Hanging Lights

String lights indeed have magic to elevate a space by making it dreamy. The most-favoured 2021 wedding themes involve string lights. One way you can decorate the string lights is by hanging them from the ceiling. You can also decorate them by draping them with white curtains.

In addition, hanging lights are the most dynamic wedding accessories, and they can “light up” a place immediately and bring it alive.

Expert tip: Switch on the hanging lights during the dance in your reception—they are the perfect mood-setters.


When it comes to weddings, the less is more. Dainty accessories tend to attract more eyes than most gaudy ones. Thus, do not go overboard with the centrepieces on the tables—skip the big flower bouquets, especially. Instead, you can add delicate vases, candles, and floral clusters in quaint vases.

Expert tip: Choose the colour of the centrepieces wisely. Pick a single colour repeating throughout the decoration and add that colour for the centrepieces at the tables.

Vintage Rugs

Vintage rugs add a Bohemian aesthetic to the wedding. If you’re up for a retro look, nothing better than vintage rugs can add personality to your theme. Moreover, choose Boho rugs as they have recently been back in the trend again. The vintage rugs can also cushion out the lounge area or the line of the aisle.

Expert tip: Finding vintage rugs is no biggie. You can go to a bunch of thrift shops and find gorgeous vintage rugs.

Weddings need a little personal touch to bring them close to your desired venue. Besides, it is a celebration you can call your own, so you should make it your way. The most common way to, in fact, decorate the wedding and add the last touch is by using accessories. If you plan to decorate your reception venue, you should add hanging lights to the ceiling. If vintage is your theme, the boho rugs are ideal.

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