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Mark Roemer Oakland Suggests Workout Gear That Will Help You Beat the Summer Heat


Mark Roemer Oakland knows the winter months are uncomfortably chilly. The springtime is a particularly wet time of year. The warmer months bring unbearable temperatures. You will never be at a loss for an excuse to spend the day holed up inside because of the weather, although certain obstacles can be circumvented with greater ease than others. To give you an example, to exercise outside comfortably during this stretch of warm weather, all you need to do is make some adjustments to the clothes you wear. If you make room in your training wardrobe for some of these lightweight clothes, you won’t have any trouble convincing yourself to go for a run outside.

Better Than Naked Hat (North Face)

When picking out an outfit for a summer workout, many people find themselves in a catch-22 situation: the less clothing you wear, the higher your chance of becoming sunburned, but the more gear you wear, the higher your risk of getting too hot. You can beat the summer sun’s heat with the aid of North Face’s classic and fashionable hat. Because it is so lightweight, you won’t even realize you’re wearing it (thus the name “Better Than Naked”), yet the sweat-wicking technology and wide brim will keep your hair relatively dry and protect your face from the sun. Win-win.

Celestial Reversible Yoga Tank (Sweaty Betty)

This adorable tank top is perfect for you if you don’t mind baring a little skin in exchange for the ability to avoid wearing additional layers. The support of a sports bra is integrated into the design of the top, but the top extends a little further down your torso to provide you with more coverage. In addition, it is made out of a breathable fabric with mesh woven into it to increase airflow. Your training style will undoubtedly be improved because the top can be worn in either direction (not to mention that it is pretty cute).

Sunlover UPF Tank (Athleta)

This loose-fitting top from Athleta may be the best choice for you if you are looking for an alternative that allows air to circulate but conceals your belly button at the same time. When you wear this full-coverage tank, which has two overlapping panels in the back, warm summer breezes will be able to cool you down while you engage in activities such as running, boot camp, or yoga. This shirt is rated as having an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 50+, and the fabric contains components that shield your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Modern Tempo Running Short [Nike]

You can depend on the fitness experts at Nike to consistently develop faultless pieces of functional art, such as these running shorts that are uncomplicated but nonetheless stylish. It uses DRI-FIT Technology to wick away sweat and allows heat to escape from your hard-working legs while it is designed to hug your curves and provide a close fit securely. You don’t have to be concerned about ripping any threads because the curved hem makes it possible to warm up and cool down with any stretches you like.

Freedom Mesh Insert Capri Leggings (C9 Champion)

The decision to incorporate mesh into exercise apparel was driven partly by considerations of fashion and practicality. Adding mesh to basic training leggings adds a touch of elegance and makes it simpler for air to circulate. These capris with a mesh insert are the epitome of adorable and functional fashion rolled into one. The quick-drying, flexible fabric repels the wetness, and your calves can breathe thanks to the mesh. The fact that these capris have a pocket on the upper back where you can stow your cell phone or car keys earns them extra marks.


With COVID restrictions eased and the ability for us to all get out and have some fun, these clothing items suggested by Mark Roemer Oakland are very much appreciated.

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