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How to style a maxi dress in 7 ways?

Styling pieces of clothing in assorted ways is very much like zip-zam-zoom. Just one twist of your finger and, you have unbelievable ways to style a particular dress. Today we are keeping it much unplanned yet chic. For this styling series, we have an all-rounder maxi dress which can be styled in multiple ways. But, keeping it minimal and very pleasing to the eyes, we will create 7 different outfits with a maxi dress. So, here we go –

  1. Leather Chic

A look that employs a trendy leather jacket and a maxi dress that suits your body type is always required. Just throw on your leather jacket over your maxi dress and team up ankle boots with it. This is a modish stud outfit and a perfect one to carry anywhere. Make sure to grab a printed maxi dress to amp up this look.

  1. Denim baby denim.

What looks sassier than a denim shirt? Toss your maxi dress with a denim shirt and tie a knot on the shirt to give it an informal and relaxed look. The perfect summery and gauzy outfit can be completed with a clutch bag and a few hand accessories like bracelet and rings.

  1. Cinch it with a belt.

For this voguish looking outfit, your best friend is a classy belt. It is an astounding way to transform your look and present it more attractively. Add a belt of your choice, skinny, tassels or wide and cinch it around your waist. Pair heels or boots as per your choice and add necklace if you want to take it to a date night.

  1. Formal wear with a peach maxi dress.

A phenomenal way to style your maxi dress is by giving it a formal touch. Wear a white blouse/shirt inside your maxi dress and spice it with a sleek ponytail and a bag. This office-friendly look can be converted into a party one by just adding a pair of heels and some dainty necklaces.

  1. Party ready in winters.

Who said winters are for cozy garments only? If you are a fashionista, you would relate to wearing your maxi dress in winters too. But, how? Take your turtle neck and wear it inside your maxi dress and, complete the look with a trench coat. It looks drop-dead gorgeous and gives you a typical party look. Nude pumps are all you need to achieve this incredible attire.

  1. Lace kimono & maxi dress.

Sturdy look with lacy kimono and a maxi dress is always an astonishing choice. This casual outfit can be simply created with a flowy maxi dress and a lacy full-length kimono. Not only does it adds dimension to your outfit, but, also makes it look carefree and dressy. A quirky necklace will add more drama and class to your look.

  1. Poncho & maxi dress.

Apart from all the ways to style a maxi dress, this one is hyped and raved by many. A poncho which matches your maxi dress is all you need for this attire. Throw your poncho over your stylish maxi dress to come up with an outfit which is even more svelte and snappy. High heels and dramatic earrings will complement this outfit.

Twist and turns are all you need for styling your swishy maxi dress in 7 ways. Vibe check your voguish attire with some additions to your maxi dress and there you have it! Grab wonderful pieces of maxi dress apt for coming spring season from

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