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The Different Types of Rings Explained: A Style Guide

One of the best ways to show off your unique style in a subtle, eye-catching way is with jewelry. Jewelry is not only a beautiful addition to any look, but it also can hold significant value and meaning. Whether you have a more casual, minimalistic style or a bright, loud style, there are many types of rings for all.

If you’re looking to level up your style, consider finding a set of rings that shows off your personality and complements your look. To learn more about various ring styles, this article can help.

Read on for your basic guide to today’s ring fashions.

  1. Birthstone Rings

For both men and women, birthstone rings are a simple and beautiful fashion statement. They’re also one of the most popular jewelry styles today. After finding your birthstone, you can have your choice of shining silver, bright gold, or any other ring material.

Many people gift their family and friends birthstone rings because of their sentimental value. These rings can serve as a reminder to celebrate your life and horoscope. Many people also believe that birthstone rings can ward off negativity and protect your energy.

Whether your birthstone is a deep blue sapphire, rich red ruby, or vibrant green emerald, you can find a ring that will match your aesthetic. These birthstone rings come in both subtle, everyday styles and extravagant, over-the-top ones.

  1. Promise Rings

As one of the most romantic pieces of jewelry one can gift, promise rings are given to show the significance of a relationship. Someone may gift this to a significant other as a way to show their devotion, love, and commitment. While promise rings are not the same as engagement rings, they do symbol a strong future for the relationship.

Promise rings also come in a wide variety of styles. You can choose from yellow gold, silver, rose gold, and much more as your ring material. You can also choose any stone like colorful opals, diamonds, amethysts, and more.

These heartfelt gifts make for one of the most cherished kinds of rings. Before choosing the style of ring, be sure to research gemstone meanings and symbolism.

  1. Statement Rings

Statement rings can also be worn in many different styles. Whether you’re looking to gift this piece to another or wear it for yourself, statement rings are sure to turn heads.

One popular statement ring style features chunky gold and silver. These make for a stunning addition to both simple and vibrant looks. Another one of the most popular statement ring options is handmade with an industrial look.

This awesome wrench ring from Badass Jewelry is a perfect example of a handmade, personal, unique piece. One of the best parts about statement rings is that they show off your personality unlike any other.

Experiment with Different Types of Rings  

No matter what style you like to wear, there are a wide variety of ring options that you’ll love. With the right ring, you can feel confident, put together, and on-trend. Now that you know three of the top types of rings, experiment with different pieces and level up your look today.

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