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The Ultimate Guide to Suits for Short Men

All suits were formerly bespoke, produced particularly for the individual buyer, before the Industrial Revolution and mass garment manufacture. It didn’t matter if you were tall and lanky or short and heavy – you could have a custom-made suit that fit you precisely. These days, finding a suit that fits properly is difficult for a shorter man. The majority of suits are designed for men of ordinary height (approximately 5’9″ to 5’11”). Shorter sizes (e.g., 38S) are available from some companies, but it doesn’t guarantee the suits are made for short men. It just implies that the jacket and sleeves will be shorter. Even in small sizes, the jacket and sleeves are frequently overly lengthy. It’s not just about the length, though. Suits are intricate clothing, maybe the most intricate that suits for short men.

How to Wear a Suit Jacket

Shoulder Blades

The shoulders of a suit jacket must be appropriately fitted. It’s nearly hard to correct a shoulder that’s too broad or too tight with tailoring, so make sure the shoulders fit perfectly straight off the rack. The shoulder seam should, ideally, terminate where your real shoulder does. If you don’t, you’ll see strange indentations below your shoulders and around your upper arms. Leaning on a wall is a terrific method to put your shoulders to the test. Your jacket shoulder and your real shoulder should both touch the wall at the same time. If your jacket (or shoulder padding) strikes the wall first and caves in before your body does, you’ll be in trouble. If, on the other hand, your arm hits the wall before your jacket’s shoulder does, the jacket is definitely too small for you.

The Treasure Chest

A suit should never be too tight or confining, but it should also not have too much surplus cloth, particularly around the chest. Suit jackets are traditionally measured around the diameter of a man’s chest. A 40R, for example, is designed for a guy of medium height with a chest measurement of 40″. The point is that the chest is an essential dimension that must be appropriately fitted. Because most men are accustomed to wearing suits that are little too wide and spacious, a well-fitting suit may feel a touch tight around the chest.

This is fantastic!

Your suit jacket, unlike outerwear, does not need to accommodate a number of bulky layers below, allowing it to fit a bit closer to your body. You’ll wind up swimming in your jacket if the chest is too wide, which isn’t a nice appearance, especially for shorter men. Furthermore, if the breast is excessively large, the remainder of the suit is likely to be too large as well. Suits for Shorter Men That Fit Perfectly If you have a personal tailor, looking suave is simple.

Suit Fitting Issues for Short Men

Suits are among of the most complicated clothes that men wear, and they can cause a variety of fit issues for shorter men. When it comes to buying a suit off the rack, this is perhaps the most prevalent fit issue that shorter gentlemen face. Shorter men will either accept the error or go to the tailor, therefore most manufacturers build sleeves that are excessively long. The difficulty is that going to the tailor takes extra time and money, and shortening sleeves with working buttons is extremely difficult (if not impossible).


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