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Fashion Accessories to Complement your Fedora- Tips for Men

The history of the fedora dates back decades ago. This is an iconic hat that’s a favorite among many to date. Although there are other popular men’s hat styles like the newsboy, trilby, and the flat cap, the fedora stands out. It can accentuate your outfit, translating to a sharper look. However, you should wear it appropriately, and there are various ways to do this.

How can I choose the right fedora hat?

 There are multiple considerations to make when shopping. First of all, the brim size matters. Your hat shouldn’t be too small or too big. The right size allows a small space to fit a finger between the hat and your head.

The brim type is also of the essence. You can opt for a short or large brim to suit your facial features and the weather. A small brim is best if you have a bigger head, while a wide one is ideal for thin-faced men. It’s also handy for summer and hot weather.

What of the color? Choosing the right hat color can be tricky, particularly if you’re a beginner. Nevertheless, go for neutral-colored fedoras such as;

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Beige
  • Ivory
  • Gray
  • Navy

 What fashion items should I wear with my fedora?

 A fedora hat is a fashion staple for every man’s wardrobe. It’s a must-have fashion accessory for men who want to stand out. Luckily, there are many accessories to pair with your fedora. Examples include;

  1. Jackets

If you fancy wearing fedoras, it’s time to stock your wardrobe with a few jackets. Go for leather or a bomber jacket and achieve that timeless look. The combo never goes out of fashion, and you can wear the fedora and a coat on many occasions. That’s not all, though! You have endless choices and you can go for sports and safari jackets in wool, linen or tweed.

  1. Tailored suit

 Formal outfits are a great way of complementing your look when wearing a fedora. For instance, a tailored suit is an excellent match for your fedora. The color should match your suit or be lighter. In some cases, a black fedora will work best with a lighter suit, and will make a red suit stand out. That said, have your hat look fancier than your outfit.

  1. Denim jeans

A fedora looks great when paired with a pair of jeans. Although it’s a common rule to wear it with casual outfits, all these can be broken if you know what works best. For instance, a straw fedora fits perfectly when paired with denim and a collared shirt. The look is best suited for outings, sun-basking, or a tour to the beach club. However, avoid wearing your straw hat with a T-shirt and jeans unless you’re an actor or artist.

Final thoughts

A fedora is a common fashion abettor among most men. How you style, it defines your look. And you should choose the most suitable fedora to match your outfit and facial features. Also, shop for other fashion accessories that complement your hat to achieve that striking look.

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