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Tips for a Perfect Rave Outfit

If it’s going to be your first music festival or EDM show, then you may be looking to go big. However, as you probably already know, your outfit is going to be a bit part of it.

But you may not know much about what kind of outfit would be a good fit for a music festival or a rave party, and this is where the following tips come in.

Tips for Women

One of the biggest highlighting features of a rave party is that they occur at places where there’s little light. This is because usually, the only kind of lights you would have there are strobes and laser lights.

This means that unless you wear a bright, colorful outfit, you may get lost in the dark.


As for your head, you may not find many better options than an LED hoodie. They look pretty cool and can easily stand out if you choose the right one.

Similarly, you can also consider LED sunglasses, light-up hood, rave mask, etc., depending on your overall outfit.


Bright and light-reflecting tops are believed to be an ideal choice for rave parties. They being bright is considered really very important, as if they aren’t you would struggle to even get noticed there.


LED rave gloves are really popular among people that frequent music festivals and rave parties. Some people also go a step further and get sound activated LED gloves, which can be an even cooler option for something like a rave party.


Most people consider bottoms that are bright and have a metallic feel to them a perfect choice for rave parties. While different types of bottoms can be seen at a rave party, a full-length pant can be a good way to stand out if it’s bright enough.

Outfits for Men

The very first tip for men is that their ideal rave outfit idea keeps changing from time to time. With that said, let us walk you through what seems to be working well for now.


Rave masks that boast a unique design are one of the easiest ways for men to stand out at rave party. You can take it up a notch by also putting on a pair of stylish rave sunglasses.


Arc-reactor shirts that are bright and look cool seem to work well as tops. Many people consider tank tops a fairly good option, too, though.

As long as you choose something with a unique image or pattern you will probably blend well in the environment there.


The options are pretty much the same here for both women and men, with LED gloves enjoying quite a monopoly as there seem to be no close competitors for the hands.


There are quite a few options here for men. However, people knowledgeable about rave outfits are of the opinion that you may not be able to make much of an impression if you go with your usual jeans.

Instead, you may want to consider something like those funky-looking pants that kind of glow under darkness.


This is going to be common for both men and women too, and the ideal option here is believed to be those leg warmers that come in bright neon colors.

Another option that’s considered to be just as cool is plasma LED rave shoes.

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