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Tips to Choose a Life Jacket for Your Kids

Everyone loves a good day at the beach or a pleasant pool time. More so, your little ones, who eagerly await such study-free days. And while no parent would wish to burn themselves monitoring how their innocent ones unwind, their safety and well-being cannot be compromised at any cost. Therefore you have kids life jackets to help bridge this gap! However, shopping for the best life jacket is unlike shopping for most apparel you’ve bought for your little ones.

To help you make the best choice, here are four tips you must bear in mind before making the final purchase:

Size: When it comes to buying anything for kids, especially stuff they have to wear, most parents look for a size their little one will eventually grow into. However, this generic approach is not the best one when choosing a life jacket for your young one/s. You’ll only have to weigh in on the present aspect and not think from a future size perspective as that could significantly compromise its purpose in the first place. Based on your child’s current weight and height, you’ll have to pick a well-fitted life jacket for the best use. A size smaller or bigger is point and purchase lost. Therefore, precision is the key here.

Colour: Not for aesthetic purposes, but purely functional reasons are why you must opt for a bright colour palette regarding life jackets. It is because, for obvious reasons, vivid or bright-looking colours are the easiest to spot! In the case of an untoward scenario, where time certainly may not be your child’s best friend, a life jacket loud enough that can be instantly spotted can very well work in their favour. So, do remember to opt for a life jacket that stands out to help hasten the rescue process.

Features: Next in line are the features that you’ll have to pay attention to. For example, if a life jacket has padded head support but does not contain a grab handle and costs cheaper than a variant that possesses both these, do not think twice and drop the idea of buying it then and there! Safety cannot be compromised, and you shouldn’t mind paying the extra bucks to ensure that your kid’s jacket is armed with all the necessary features beyond the usual obvious ones. Features like a safety strap, grab strap, safety whistle, reflective material, and crotch strap can be extremely valuable in ensuring safety and control.

Safety Standard Approved: Finally, you want to be sure of investing in kids life jackets that bear all the necessary and sufficient labels of being approved by safety standard departments. Most life jackets certainly feature such integral information as a part of their label itself. However, you could ask for more details when you set out to make the actual purchase. Another tip you can use is to research the brand and acquaint yourself with their general reputation and practices to be thoroughly sure. Look at other variants or products the brand manufactures and check for necessary certifications on those too. This way, you’ll know if the brand you’re buying from cares for their customer or not.

Keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind, you can be sure of making a purchase that best serves its purpose, guarantees you peace of mind and a comfortable experience for your kid!

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