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When You Should and Shouldn’t Wear Thong – What is the importance of Thong in Women Life

Thongs might be a controversial and sensational piece of lingerie, as they are far from your usual panties. They have their place in your lingerie closet, trust me. Given their usability in many situations, where normal panties fail, thongs are surprisingly good. You might feel intimidated by thongs, as to why you should try something that covers so little of you. Well, here’s the answer, they are scandalous yet sexy and shape well.

Keep on reading to know more about the usefulness of thongs in a woman’s life.

What Are Thongs And Why It’s Important?

Thongs are a more cheeky and exposed version of regular underwear for women. The backside of a thong does not give any coverage to your bum, rather it’s a string or a very thin straight fabric that sits between your bum, giving it a round look.

Image Source: Clovia

Most women choose to wear thongs to avoid getting those ugly panty lines that are caused by wearing a regular panty. Thongs are also chosen by many because they help in enhancing the natural shape of your butt and make it look more attractive. What makes thongs important is that it boosts your confidence, and you’re able to carry yourself in any outfit.

Tip: Try to stick to the cotton ones. Cotton thongs are very good in the department of comfort and breathability. Thongs of any other material, for example, silk, could end up getting you vaginal infections and rashes because of the moisture and sweat build-up,  as they are not breathable.

When You Should be Wearing A Thong:

  • When you wear your satin or any other thin material clothing.

Image Source: H&M

Normal panties leave too harsh panty lines and going commando while wearing your pretty satin dresses is not an option, in many situations, for many reasons. You can choose to wear thongs under dresses that are made of silk, satin, or any other such material that makes the panty lines more apparent. The seam lines of a thong are not much noticeable under such clothing, which makes them perfect. At the same time, you can have the security and comfort of wearing underwear.

  • Underneath tightly fitting outfits.

Image Source: marksandspencer

Often, it happens that we avoid wearing those looks involving leggings, bicycle shorts, and many such athleisure looks that are a rage in recent times. They tightly fit your body and can make you feel insecure about having a camel toe or even the panty lines showing up. Well, don’t worry, thongs are there to save you. Thongs go amazingly well with the tight-fitting bottoms, as it is almost undetectable. You will be comfortable and avoid the faux-pas of having a “camel toe”.

  • When you feel a little adventurous.

Image Source: Clovia

Trying something new is a matter of excitement and exploration for many people. Thongs are usually not the first choice of women when it comes to underwear. Thongs do not provide any rear coverage, so it makes you look cheekier than usual. They instil a sexy and adventurous feeling in you. You can wear thongs on your special date night to add that extra passion during your intimate moments. You must once try thongs to feel what they are like.

  • To flaunt your natural curves.

Embrace and flaunt your natural curves with confidence by wearing a thong. It does not cover your bum but can help in framing them in a more rounded shape. As a result, your natural butt shape can look gorgeous through your shorts, jeans, leggings, dresses, and many more bottoms.

Image Source: victoriassecret

When You Shouldn’t Be Wearing A Thong:

  • In case you have rashes or infections.

Thongs fit more snugly than regular panties, which makes them not very ideal in case you have rashes and vaginal infections. So, if someone has such conditions, it’s best to avoid wearing a thong. Furthermore, if you’re extra sensitive down there, it is not advisable to wear thongs.

  • During a workout.

You should not wear a thong during an intense workout session. Working out is a messy and sweaty affair. You would not want to wear a panty, like a thong, that can result in chafing and rashes. While exercising, our body moves back and forth a lot, which promotes sweating. Wearing absorbent underwear becomes essential so that sweat can be absorbed and dried effectively.

  • During a pregnancy.

Thongs can get constricting at times. A pregnant woman should avoid wearing thongs as they won’t support her growing butt and baby bump. Thongs can cause moisture build-up, and then eventually infections, which during a pregnancy you don’t want.

  • During Menstruation.

While menstruating, you want the panty that can hold your sanitary pad in place, so thongs are a big no to wear in those days for obvious reasons. However, if you use a menstrual cup instead of pads, then you can consider wearing a thong. But for maximum comfort, you should avoid it.

Image Source: Clovia

There you have it, all your doubts and worries cleared. You can choose thongs over your regular panties freely. If you’re still in suspicion whether to go for thongs or not, it comes down to personal preference. Comfort and confidence should be your goal in trying anything new. You can try amazing thongs from the diversity available online. Their soft and breathable cotton thongs are stunningly habitable for a newbie at wearing them. Give thongs a try, if you haven’t already. Trying new things never hurt anyone. Happy shopping.



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