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Types of Mules for women 

If someone had told someone that mules would be worn on the streets maybe a century ago, they would have laughed and never believed it. But as decades have passed, all sorts of weird and exciting products have come into trend. Mules are one of those footwear that was worn only at home. They are super comfortable, easy to carry, and can go with any sort of clothing. But what exactly are they?

What are Mules?

Describe mule shoes would go something like this. They are shoes with no back. Yes, they are covered from the front but not towards the ankles. In other words, when you wear a pair of Mules, your front foot is covered but leaves the back exposed. In the early times, they used to be flat with no heel at all. But now, as demands have increased, several types of Mule shoes have surged into the market. So, what are some of the most common types of mule shoes you can get your hands on? Here is a comprehensive list. 

  • Capri Mules

One of the most comfortable types of mules, Capri Mules are an affluent option when confused about which mule shoes to go for. They come in a variety of colors and textures and also can be either with a heel or without. Generally, women with a height go for the ones without heels, whereas shorter women tend to choose the ones with heels. Ultimately, it also depends on personal choice. Either way, they are very comfortable and a go-to option. You can rock a Capri mule with jeans and long skirts. 

  • Peep Toe Mule Shoes

Peep toe pulses, when compared to Capri, are a little more extravagant. They have a heightened heel, which adds a good amount of inches to the wearer. Also, the name of the shoe itself was a peep toe. This means that these mule shoes are designed in a way that is very narrow from the front with a cut hole in the front from where your toes are generally visible. These Mules can be easily worn in both in a professional environment or for occasions like weddings. They go well with denim, formal pants and even skirts. On the flip side, the narrow front nature of it can be a little discomforting for someone who would want to hear it throughout the day. Walking long distances on it can also provide a lot of stress on the feet and back.

  • Babo Mule Shoes

Babo mules look a lot like what original mules. The end portion of these mules fold. This means it is very easy to wear in fact, all you need to do is slide your feet into it. When unfolded, the back cap is tucked just like you do with a shoe and magically, they turn into a loafer. Usually, they are worn either with ankle-length pants or jeans or in traditional attire. They are not as easy to carry because they do not go with everything. If you want to buy Babo Mules, you have to be sure about your attire.

  • Razzi Mules

Razzi mule shoes have become one of the most common footwear in recent times. They are trendy and owning a pair of these is surely a good idea. They are flat and look very appealing in black shiny colors. You can rock them in jeans or pants. 

  • A pair of Mule Slides

Are you planning to go for a long walk? The next best option after a pair of shoes is mule slides. They are comfortable and painless. You can walk, jump, or even go out with them. These kinds of mules blend into the atmosphere they are put in. They come in a variety of colors and very durable. The only problem with them is that they can easily widen if worn on regularly. They easily fall off your feet when you fiddle with them while sitting or get very loose very soon. So, consider these small things before going for a pair of Mule Slides.

In conclusion, you are the master of your leg. You know what fits you, suits you, and what doesn’t. Just make sure that you choose a comfortable, made from quality materials because there is nothing like laces or straps that can keep them together. Happy shopping!

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