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Enhancing Workout Performance With Compression

For years, compression clothing has been a mainstay in the cycling world as well as the medical industry. More athletes in a variety of sports have begun to embrace these garments for more than just a visual appeal. You have probably seen the trend making its way into your local gym. But what is all the hype about?

Reasons Behind the Trend

To even have a chance of providing any benefit, compression clothing needs to be more than tight, it needs to – well, compress. This then provides pressure to the body part it’s being worn on. Within that extremity are all sorts of veins and muscles that are critical to the performance of the body as a whole.  Studies are still relatively new but have shown benefits in such areas as reduced muscle soreness, less fatigue and lactic acid buildup, and greater circulation and overall recovery. The garments can not only aid in these internal functions but also are lightweight and sleeker-fitting, giving the wearer a greater feeling of flexibility and range of motion.     

What you put in your body has always been important. What you put on your body is now gaining traction too. There is compression clothing on the market to match just about every regular type of clothing out there. Socks, shirts, shorts, arm sleeves, and leggings for both women and men are all in the marketplace.

Wait, Men’s Leggings?

Absolutely, and they have become even more mainstream lately. You have likely noticed sports stars on TV wearing them during training or prior to games. There are numerous debates concerning how men should wear compression pants. Their anatomy is quite different below the waist than females, necessitating some additional consideration. Typically the choice falls into three style categories:

·   Leggings with gym shorts on top, which is a reasonably conservative way to maintain the effects of the compression pants yet not show all the bits and pieces in detail.

·       No shorts, but a longer shirt. This removes the restriction and double-layering of gym shorts, but still provides a modest covering to the upper thigh area.

·      All pants, all the time. Provides the least restriction and greatest mobility. There are even mens leggings available that have a molded cup area in the crotch, which keeps everything nice and tidy when opting for this style.

The technology and science of the modern world are all around us. You can embrace this during your workout and recovery programs by utilizing the best advancements in compression garments.

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