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Best Men’s Ties for Your Dad

Unless it is a nationally or socially recognized occasion, you rarely (if at all) see commercials or advertisements that celebrate dads (this somehow does not at all seem fair at all, does it?). This is also why it is difficult to decide on gifts to give dads outside of special times or occasions. Whether you’re planning to surprise your dad on his birthday, fathers day, or (dare I say) just to show your appreciation for him, a tie is and will always be the best gift for him.

Whether your dad has a large collection or small collection of ties, there is always room for others (especially if he has a sense of fashion and likes to indulge in the trendiest ties). So, why wouldn’t he love to add to his collection. But adding to his collection is simply going to pick out just any tie. It is important to pick our the best ties that would make him want to wear it immediately (especially if he has been wanting to switch up one of his older suits). Here are five of the best ties for your dad:

Skinny Black Tie

A few years ago, people like wearing heavy and wider ties that could be seen from a distance. But nowadays, the trend is shifting to bright or colorful suits with subtle ties to compliment it. Perhaps men started realizing that large patterns and wider materials did not justify their suits since ties are an accessory that should compliment a suit and not overpower it. 

Skinny Black ties are not only versitie, but have a classic and sophisticated look, especially when opting for a silk black material. It can be worn with either a business suit or with a tuxedo-like suit. Much like women have a “little black dress”, men need a skinny back tie. It goes with everything and can be worn anytime  This is why the skinny balck tie easily is the best ties to give your dad.

Royal Blue Tie

It is just something about royal blue that says confidence. It is like a universal sign that says you are handling business and making boss moves. Royal blue is not a subtle blue and that is why it is one of the best ties you should give to your dad. It is a must have and it never fails to compliment many suits. And much like the skinny black tie, they are a universal accessory that can be dressed up or down. Remember, if you are looking for the best ties to give to your dad, you’d certainly want to choose a tie that matches his personality and I am sure his personality says “BOSS”.

Navy & Silver Stripe Tie

If your dad prefers less flashy ties, but likes a little bit of color, then a classic navy and silver stripe tie is the best tie for your dad. This  tie is a classic tie because it never goes out of style. As a matter of fact, because it is a classic tie, it can be worn with many blazers (after all, navy is as much a neutral color as silver) and to several events. Every dad likes to have a few neutral ties in his collection when stepping out for business or for pleasure.

Axel Gray Tie

Age is only a number when it comes to the Axel Gray tie. This is one of the best ties you can get your dad (whether he is young at heart or young in age). It would surprise you how vibrant your dad can look with the right styles and combinations of this tie. An axel gray tie is one of the best ties that can make your dad striking and charming at the same time.

Instead of settling for the same-old boring ties to gifts, you can try being daring and unique by going with a bold printed tie.The unusual design makes it a complete package for casual occasions and dinners. Your dad can easily wear it to friendly gatherings or holiday celebrations.

 Knit Tie

Knit ties are coming back into fashion. Why? Their textured and bumpy-looking designs make it a perfect choice to wear during the winters. The thickness of the tie pairs well with winter suits or winter blazers. Alos, during the winter seasons, you can find festive knit ties that have different designs on them that are sure to be a hit at holiday parties. And It is the best tie to get for dads who love to be creative in the cooler seasons. These ties come in a variety of shades to choose, the best ones are burgundy, black, and brown so they can be worn with many shirts. 

Ties are the best accessories you could get for your dad. And you don’t have to wait for an occasion to buy one. If you’re out shopping, there is nothing like heading to the men’s section and taking a look at the array of ties available. Your dad will certainly feel special that you thought of him just because.

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