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Ways to Look Powerful During an Executive Meeting

You need to look tough during a meeting with fellow executives. You have to assert your power especially in front of your colleagues and subordinates. It’s difficult to run a team when no one sees you as an effective leader. These tips will help you appear confident during meetings and receive everyone’s respect.

You have to feel confident

You will only look confident if it comes from within. If you feel worried and you lack confidence in facing the people in the room, it will show. You can only command attention when you believe in yourself in the first place.

Wear appropriate clothing

The clothes you wear could also affect how you feel about yourself. Power suits will make you feel good about yourself. You can also make people listen to you if you’re in control of your appearance.

Don’t slouch

Slouching is a sign of weakness. It shows your lack of confidence in facing other people. Unless you have spine issues, slouching during a meeting isn’t acceptable. Work on your posture and find a way to solve it if you feel like it starts to affect how other people think about you.

Grow a beard

It might seem weird, but growing a beard could work. Bearded men look more powerful and confident. The moment you enter the room, everyone will think that you’re not someone they can mess with. It takes a while to grow a beard, but it could be worth it. You might also feel irritated especially if the length is at an awkward phase. The good thing is that you can use beard care products to ensure the smooth growth of your beard. Some of these products can also help hasten growth.

Be prepared

Even if you try to fake your confidence with your looks, nothing beats preparedness. It’s important that you prepare yourself to meet with a bunch of strong people like you. There could be a lot of disagreements during the meeting. You might also receive tough questions during your presentation. You can fend them off if you prepare well for the meeting. You know what you’re talking about, and you can’t let anything stop you. Search for the information that you have to present. Ask your employees to help you out, especially in polishing the presentation.

With these tips, you will start to look more confident during a meeting inside a room filled with tough individuals. You might still be shaking deep inside, but you will keep on pushing ahead. Besides, you have made it this far on the corporate ladder. You can’t let anything prevent you from achieving more goals. You have also survived several challenges previously.

If these tips don’t work and you still lack confidence, you can pause and assess yourself. You can use other strategies that will boost your confidence. If you feel like a recent terrible incident shattered your belief in yourself, you need to pick yourself up and keep on fighting.


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