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How Beading Activities can Benefit your Child

As your little one gets older, you may want to let them play more with toys and take part in activities that help them develop visual, social, cognitive, and fine motor skills. If your child loves to play with pretty things, you should let her play with beads. If your child plays with small beads, they can gain improved fine motor skills, motor skills, and visual perception. In fact, they will be better at dressing themselves and grasping their pencils. Also, this activity will help your child improve their planning skills and hand-eye coordination.

Benefits of Threading for Children

Beading can support your child’s early development, offering transferable skills they can use as they grow. Here are the benefits of beading activities for children:

  • Improving fine motor skills. Beading activities can help strengthen the small muscles in your child’s hands while they grasp various sized beads. This activity will let them use different hand movements.

  • Enhancing virtual perceptual skills. Your child can successfully thread beads by using visual perceptual skills to see all available beads and choose the ones they want to use.
  • Improving visual motor skills. These skills include hand-eye coordination. As your child threads a bead onto the string, they will see the bead and the string using visual perception and use their hands to thread the bead onto the string in the right order.
  • Increasing concentration. Breading activities help increase concentration as your child needs to pick and sort beads, arrange them into patterns, as well as create their project.
  • Inspiring creativity. According to studies, kids spend around 2/3 of their time in imaginative play. Working with beads can stimulate creativity as part of this play. A choice of beads, sizes, colors, and styles offers the sensory experience and lets your little one select the patterns and designs to make their pieces.

Beading Activities that are Good for Children

With adult supervision, here are beading activities that children can take part in:

  • Bead threading. For this activity, you must gather any bead size that is appropriate for your child like pony beads, big wooden beads, and others. Pony Beads are great for children’s crafts because they are easy to work as well as available in different colours and sizes. For threads, you can use strings, straws, or pipe cleaners. Show your little one how to thread the beads onto the threat and sit back while they work on their hand-eye coordination and create their piece. As your child sees the handy work come to life, beading boosts their self-esteem.

  • Color sorting. Beads are available in all colours and can help your child learn the different shades and how to sort. For this activity, take something like a muffin tin and colored paper. Cut small circles and lay in the muffin tin. Assist your child as they sort their beads by color.
  • Bead pickup. Picking up beads requires concentration and can help enhance fine motor skills such as grasping and pinching. To help your little one mater this skill, give some clothespins and help them pick up beads and sort into colours.

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