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Wearable Gifts He’ll Actually Wear

Buying a man an article of clothing can be tricky. Even when you think you know a man’s size, each designer’s sizing is somewhat different. Also, some of the men in your life may have a slightly reserved sense of style and limit your available options to a somewhat plain assortment of colors or patterns. However, you certainly don’t want to pick a plain and boring gift. You’re hoping to get a gift that makes an outstanding impression. Here are some tips on choosing wearable gifts for men that will fit and be unique.

Memory Foam Slippers

Some of the men you know who don’t own a lot of shoes may not have a single pair of slippers. Nevertheless, comfy slippers are bound to be appreciated by anyone. Once your gift recipient has a pair of slippers, he’ll be sure to love having his feet feel extra warm and snug while also having some soft support as he walks around the house. Look for a pair of memory foam slippers for the comfiest possible feel. Slippers tend to be made a little bit bigger because they’re made of soft material, so you likely won’t have to worry about your selection being too small. Rather than traditional shoe sizes, a lot of slippers come in traditional S, M, L, XL sizes. Memory foam slippers may feel a little snug the first time that a person puts them on, but the material will contour to his foot and feel slightly less snug after the second or third time that he wears them.

Comfy Underwear

An underwear upgrade is an awesome gift because it will make a man more comfortable no matter what else he’s wearing. In general, boxer briefs are a good pick because a man will like them whether he wears boxers or briefs. Boxer briefs with pouch fitting are a perfect pick because it takes care of a sizing problem that so many other brands have failed to address in how they design underwear. Also, since underwear is something that your gift recipient will wear under his clothes, you’ve got a little more freedom in choosing fun styles or patterns.

Heated Scarf

rechargeable heated scarf is a phenomenal gift that someone will love to wear in cold weather. Being able to brave the elements with your own personal heater keeping your neck and chest cozy makes heading out the door a lot more bearable on a cold and frosty morning. Most heated scarves are made of a fleece or plush material. Their power will last for hours, and you can recharge them in a USB port. You can pick out a plain color like black or gray so you could be fairly confident that a scarf will match just about any coat or parka.

Extra Thick Touch Screen Gloves

Most of the touch screen gloves out there are made of a relatively thin knit material. However, there are some pairs out there made as thickly as possible while still providing enough dexterity to hold a phone tightly. The material at the end of the first two fingers makes using a touch screen simple, so a person won’t have to take his gloves off in freezing cold weather for swiping or touching small icons on his phone. Leather gloves are a classic looking option that’s great for driving, but leather gloves are understandably difficult to clean. The best option may be to go for a thick knit or double-layered cotton material with small rubber grips on the palm. The little grips make it easy to keep a tight hold on a wheel, phone, or cup of coffee.

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