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What to Look for When Buying Sneakers Online

Do you have sneaker fever? For fashion lovers everywhere, sometimes the best finds are online.

Last year, online sales accounted for 38.6 percent of all U.S. clothing and apparel sales. While there is much to be discovered in the online fashion archives, it can be difficult to know what to look for. The good news is, there are some tips that can help you get the most bang for your buck when buying sneakers online.

For more on how to buy sneakers online, read on for our basic guide.

  1. Finding the Right Shop

With so many sneaker shops and resellers, how can you determine the best place to buy sneakers online? One of the top tips is to connect with other sneakerheads and conduct thorough research.

There is a long list of online forums and group chats where you can meet and discuss the latest sneaker drops, which are hottest, and where to buy from. These are also known as “cookgroups.” While many of these exclusive groups do cost a fee to join, the valuable insight you’ll receive will pay off in the long run.

Before buying from any online sneaker shop, be sure to do your own background research.

Where does this company source their shoes? Can you find any testimonials or product photos from previous customers? Does this shop have competitive pricing and reasonable shipping times?

We recommend researching shops and joining sneaker groups before a big launch so that you have time to make an informed decision.

  1. Prioritize Good Timing

When a new hot sneaker drops, it can be extremely difficult to buy a pair in your size before they sell out. For launches with high demand, timing is everything. It’s crucial to know when to be online and when the prices will be at their best.

For experienced sneakerheads, this is a meticulous process that comes down to a science. Some may choose to invest in a Sneaker Bot. A Sneaker Bot is a software that does your shopping for you after receiving your billing info, shoe size, and product information.

Other sites and apps like Nike SNKRS provides you with timely information on upcoming sneaker launches and events in their line. These services can help keep you ahead and ready to cop a new pair.

  1. Separating Real From Fake

While the online market for high-end sneakers is massive, there is also a booming industry for fakes. In fact, counterfeit sneakers are a 450 billion dollar industry. The good news is, there are some ways to weed these out.

First, be sure to know who you’re buying from. Does this reseller have a good reputation? Does the shop allow you to pay through a secure service like PayPal?

Once you receive the shoes, packaging is also crucial to inspect. If there are issues with your packaging like box type, barcodes, and product images, you may have a counterfeit pair of sneakers on your hands.

You should also inspect the tag found inside your sneaker. Each sneaker of the same make and size will have the same code and product information on the tag. Be sure to compare and contrast your purchase to others.

If you find that you’ve purchased a fake pair of sneakers, request your money back immediately. Many online services and high-end brands have a no-tolerance policy for counterfeit products.

Try Buying Sneakers Online Today

There are many incredible shoes in the interwebs waiting to be discovered. Try buying sneakers online today by following these helpful tips.

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