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4 Popular Fits and Styles for Men’s Formal Shirts

Are you at the store for men’s dress shirts? The global market for men’s shirts is projected to reach over AUD94.3 billion this year, according to Statista. Dress shirts are ideal for various occasions, including office wear and formal events. When selecting men’s formal shirts, the shirt’s fit and style are factors to consider. Here are some options to help you decide:

Euro Tailored Fit

It is a good option if you prefer a European-style shirt. This shirt provides a more athletic fit. It’s ideal for a dress shirt that has a more casual look. If you want to wear a dress shirt that’s somewhat between a sports shirt and a dress shirt, a Euro-tailored fit is a good option.

There are various applications for this shirt style, including semi-formal events or dress-down casual Fridays. You’ll want to create a neat and professional appearance in such situations and yet carry a relaxed feel. An athletic fit would help you find that sweet spot between formal and casual.

Relaxed Fit

You might want to select this style for various reasons. If you want more breathability when wearing a dress shirt, this fit is a good option. If your job requires you to do a lot of physical movement during the day, a relaxed fit shirt could keep you comfier while working.

Another factor is the climate you’ll be wearing the shirt in. For example, the average temperature in Australia during summer is 35°C (95°F). That will feel quite warm, so a roomier shirt can help keep you cool throughout the day.

If you’ve gained weight, it’s another reason you might want to pick a relaxed fit shirt. This can reduce the appearance of extra body weight.

Slim Fit

This option is the opposite of a relaxed fit. You may opt for this fit after losing weight or doing workouts when you might want to show off your new physique. You can do that with a slim fit shirt.

Another benefit of slim fit is it creates a more formal look than a relaxed fit. You might want to consider this option for semi-formal events or office wear on non-casual Fridays. While the shirt shouldn’t be skin-tight, a snug fit creates a more formal look and feel.

Another benefit of this fit is it can be a motivation to lose weight so you’ll be confident enough to don it. If you see it that way, it can inspire you to eat healthy and exercise regularly to reach your weight loss goals.

Business Shirts

There’s some crossover between formal, dress, and business shirts. However, there are slight yet significant differences between all of them. It can include features like button-up fronts and button-down collars.

The button-down collar is excellent for business wear since it creates a more dapper appearance when wearing a necktie, sports jacket or business suit. In those situations, it can create a less casual look than a button-free collar.

When selecting men’s formal shirts, you have various options including dress or business shirts; and slim, relaxed, or Euro-tailored fit. All these features are ideal for an office, banquet, or wedding. Formal shirts can help you look your best at such formal and semi-formal events.

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