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4 Things to Look for in Your Wedding Lingerie

When it comes to your wedding day, few elements are more important than the wedding dress. And when it comes to your wedding night, few things are as important as your wedding lingerie. It’s important that you give the lingerie you wear just as much consideration as the dress you choose for your big day. But what makes the perfect wedding lingerie? Here are a few things you should be looking for when choosing something to wear for your wedding night.


It’s incredibly important to remember that you’ll likely be wearing this lingerie all day for your wedding, throughout the ceremony and the reception. You don’t want anything that’s going to pinch or dig into your skin, or anything that’s going to become itchy underneath your dress. Find something that fits well and can be comfortable all day long, until you finally make it to that honeymoon suite.


You should also consider the texture of the fabric for your lingerie and whether or not that texture is going to be visible through your wedding gown. This is especially important if your dress is form-fitting or made of a thinner material. Just as you wouldn’t want a panty line to show, you don’t want lingerie straps to show either. It’s a good idea to try your dress on over the wedding lingerie you’ve chosen so you can ensure this won’t be an issue.


Most people consider it traditional to wear white lingerie on your wedding night, but a lot of modern brides are shunning these older traditions. Still, if you’re choosing lingerie in a different color, make sure that color won’t show through your dress. Black or bright red lingerie might be visible if your gown is made of slightly thinner material. (Of course, if you try on the lingerie and dress together, as mentioned above, you shouldn’t have this issue.)

Tummy Control

Many brides like a little extra tummy control in their wedding dresses, helping you to achieve a slim and flattering waistline. Some will even wear a smoothing garment beneath their wedding gown to help flatten their tummy and nip in the waist a little bit. But why not let your lingerie do that for you instead? If this is something important to you, consider lingerie that will help pull in your waist, such as a corset style, or even a well-fit teddy. This allows your wedding lingerie to do double duty, so you can get that beautiful, hourglass figure when you’re in your dress—and when you’re out of it.

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