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4 Types Of Outerwear For Women

Outerwears are clothing items that are worn over the clothes to provide extra protection in weather like winter. Previously, outerwears were considered the article of clothes that one was supposed to wear only outside of their homes. But now their purpose has changed as they can be used to wear for fashion as well, gaining the attention of many women all around the world.

There are majorly four types of women’s outerwear based on the requirement of both weather and occasions. For example, if going to a casual or formal situation, choosing a blazer would be the best option but if you want to wear something fashionable but not so formal, choose a cardigan. The other two types are jackets and coats that are not unknown to anybody. Here is given a description of all the types of women’s outerwear.


Blazers are the outerwear one can wear with any pair of trousers, as they can quickly form a casual attire. Blazers are available for both men and women, but the colour and shape of both differ. Blazers are given a proper shape if they are a part of clothing for women so that they can be worn with dresses as well as formal attires. The shape is not much defined for men, but the size does matter.


Cardigans are becoming much popular with the passing day as many women prefer to wear these to give an exquisite look. They are often paired with some turtle necks and are extremely helpful if you want something that can protect you from the harsh winter. They are a great option to keep yourself warm and stay in fashion as well.

The primary reason why many women have shifted towards these is that they are not fit around the neck, making it easier to have any hairdo without messing it up. These also have buttons that can be left open accordingly, giving a not so formal look.


These are the go-to options in the winters as they are the warmest option available. Almost every year, a new style of jacket comes in fashion, making them gain the attention of females around the world. These are often paired with a cap making you look cosy and comfy. The comfort level of jackets is unmatchable. They also save you from the stress of wearing something fashionable as jackets themselves are the most acceptable article in the name of fashion.


Coats are the most elegant clothing for women in winter, as they are available in numerous colours and shapes. Depending upon the length you prefer, you can choose a long coat or a short coat, both equally beautiful. Coats are the classic winter garment worn by both men and women, in both situations casual and formal. They can be paired with an appropriate pair of trousers and a blouse underneath, giving the wearer a sleek and beautiful look.

Finally, the outerwears mentioned above are available with different designs and styles; anybody can go for the one that suits their style the best.

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