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A Short Guide Taking Care of Your Cashmere

Cashmere is mainly made up of hair gotten from the hair of a cashmere goat. Clothes made from cashmere fabric are delicate and must be worn or stored with care. It you don’t take care of it, it may lose its unique features over time. Below are some way you can take care of your cashmere fabric.

Avoid Machine Washing

It is not advisable to always wash cashmere clothes-especially with machines. The most effective way to wash it is using the hands. It should be washed in lukewarm water and never in warm water. Using hot water to wash it could shrink it and make it lose its quality. After washing, do not wring or twist it.

Avoid Harsh Detergents

Most people who understand how detergents can damage a cashmere cloth never use them to wash it. Rather, they may use a washing liquid as mild as baby shampoo. When you are ready to rinse it, you can add a scoop of hair conditioner. This is because goat hair, like human hair, can become smooth and soft when hair conditioners are applied.

Do Not Wear it When it is Wet

Cashmere fabrics can give out a foul smell when they are wet. However, this smell is usually unnoticed when the fabric is completely dry. Hence you must ensure you don’t go out wearing a wet or damp cashmere cloth.

Inside Out Ironing

Always iron a cashmere fabric with the cloth turned inside out. This should be done with of low heat and preferably steam to remove wrinkles.

Storing Cashmere Clothes

Avoid storing wet or moisturized cashmere clothes in the wardrobe. Always make sure it is completely dry before you store it. It is always a good idea to store cashmere clothes using mothballs. That way, you will prevent moths from running your clothes. Avoid any wardrobe or storage that contains moisture.

Avoid Sun Drying

Do not dry a cashmere cloth in direct sunlight. When you want to dry it, ensure it doesn’t stay out in a humid place for more than thirty minutes. The rays from the sun help to kill moth larvae found on the cloth. It can also eliminate bad smells when properly dried.

Cashmere fabrics are delicate and unique fabrics and should be treated as such. If you’ve never owned one, visit place your order.

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