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Choose Your best fake diamond rings for Your Day

While you are reading about fake diamonds, the first question that comes to your mind is why do people buy fake diamond when they can opt for real ones? Well, natural mining diamonds are quite expensive and there come the fake diamonds that meet all your demands. Also, it is on the safe side to buy a fake ring so that if the other person does not like it, it would not be a waste of money. Moreover, if you opt for the best fake diamond rings, you can easily travel wearing them as you would never want to lose your real diamond ring while travelling.

How to identify a fake diamond?

A fake diamond looks like a real diamond. Morphologically it is similar and has some of the optical and other characteristics similar to that of a real diamond. However, a fake diamond’s chemical composition is completely different from the real one. They are known as diamond simulants most of the time. Otherwise, it is known as a diamond accent or diamond imitation. Now, these fake diamonds may occur naturally or are created artificially. For example, zirconia, cubic, rhinestone and crystals are all examples of popular diamond simulants. Also, while buying ensure to check as there are many synthetic diamonds that are made in the laboratory and has almost the same chemical composition like that of natural one.

How a fake diamond should be?

There present some determinants which must be taken into considerations while choosing a good fake diamond. In the case of a high-quality fake diamond, the physical property should be of good quality and the best imitation should be nearly as hard as the real diamonds are.  This way, the imitation diamonds will not be easily damaged. Also, the cutting of the diamond is very important and the best imitation diamond should be cut in the same manner as that of real diamonds. While buying a diamond, the diamond cut needs to be considered and is one of the most important factors to consider.

What to choose?      

While choosing a fake diamond for you, you need to consider some of the determinants and keys. The best fake diamonds should resemble the real ones as close as possible. They should be comparable with the real diamond in cut, colour as well as clarity. If your naked eye fails to tell the difference between the fake and the real one, you are choosing the perfect imitation diamond for you. There are many other options to choose from, such as Topaz, rutile, spinel and synthetic garnet, to mention a few. But it is recommended to avoid these options as these do not resemble the real ones.

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