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Considering Getting Lip Piercing but Nervous? – The Complete Guide for Beginners

Body piercings have been around since ancient times. Back then it was done for cultural, religious, sexual or aesthetic purpose. When it comes to lip piercings, there are various types including Ashley piercing, Monroe piercing, Spider Bite piercing, Medusa piercing, Madonna piercing etc. A hole is created on the lips or surrounding area to insert an ornament.

Thousands of years ago, lip piercings were famous among the tribes in Malawi, Dogon people of Mali, ancient Aztecs and Mayans. Now lip piercings are used for aesthetic reasons and as a self-expression. Many are embracing Ashley lip piercing which involves a single puncture at the lower lip. It strikes the perfect balance between stylish and wild.

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Are you new to lip piercing?

Among the different lip piercings available, it is not possible to sideline any one to be best. It depends on an individual’s personal preference and personal style. Choose 16 or 18 gauge and gold/ titanium metal to ensure seamless healing process.

Studs promote easy healing than hoops or rings. If you still prefer hoops or rings, opt for a larger one. It is natural to have the following common questions in mind of you are a first-timer to body piercing.

  • Is it painful? The procedure is quick and there will be tolerable intensity of pain. The after-care part requires special attention since lips are sensitive. Make sure you don’t snag or accidently move your new piercing. The healing process will be longer and you’ll feel more uncomfortable.

  • How can I prevent infection? There is potential for infection during the first few weeks since this is concerning mouth. Brush after every meal and use alcohol-free mouthwash. Refrain from smoking and consuming alcohol.
  • What is the approximate time for the piercing to close? There is no fixed time. It solely depends on the individual’s body. For some it takes only about few minutes while for some it takes few days or weeks. Wait for 6 weeks before proceeding with another piercing.

It is important to choose the right piercing centre for piercings. A safe and clean place is what you should be looking for so that you cut down on the risk of infection.

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