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Don’t Settle for Pre-made Zippers – Ask for Custom Zipper Quotes Instead

Unlike what most of you probably think, zippers are not the same. In fact, no two zippers are alike at all, with every zipper being unique and one of a kind in its own simple way. Since these fasteners are quite small, it is easy to assume that they resemble each other.

But, you will instantly realize that they are not the same once the time comes that you need a custom made zipper for your special sewing project. When the pre-made zippers don’t fit your needs for a tailoring project, you know that it is time for you to ask for a custom zipper quote.

Yes, zippers come in various styles and types and this is the reason why it is important that you know the right way of measuring zippers.

If you happen to be a newbie tailor, you might find the task of sewing zippers a bit challenging at first. But, with a few tries, practice, and careful study, you can soon master the skill and gain more confidence as if you have been sewing all your life.

Before you order custom zippers, see to it that you familiarize yourself first with the various types of zippers that are available these days.

Just so you know, there are three main types of zippers used for sewing garments, accessories, and homeware. These are nylon coil, metal, and invisible zippers.

Plastic or Nylon Coil Zippers

Nylon zippers are flexible and these also happen to be the types of zippers that are most commonly found in clothing items, bags, and homewares. Such zippers resemble plastic and they also tend to have monochrome colors with a matching colored tape.

A nylon zipper is also often referred to as a plastic zipper. The stopper that can be found at the zipper’s tip is usually plastic but the rest of the parts look like plastic.

These nylon coil zippers are considered as the simplest and easiest zippers to sew for most beginners since these feature small teeth with almost no worries that your needle will be hitting something since only a minimal amount of metal can be found here.

Nylon coil zippers are also quite easy to shorten because the only thing you have to do is cut then sew across the ends.

Metal Zippers

Metal zippers feature metal teeth as you can easily tell from their name. The teeth are usually available in different metallic colors such as brass, gold, and nickel. You will definitely fall in love with metal zippers with their bright colors and sparkling teeth in gold.

These metal zippers are often mainly used in bags, jeans, as well as trendy exposed zippers for clothing. If necessary, it is also possible to shorten metal zippers even though the process may take a bit longer compared to shortening nylon zippers. The process may also require the use of pliers.

Now that you know a few things about zippers, order your custom zippers today.

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