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Guide To Pick The Best Prom Outfit For Guys

So prom night is approaching and you haven’t picked your prom suit yet. No worries, we have got your back.

There’s only one prom night in life and you would want to make that special for yourself as well as your partner. It’s not just the girls, but even boys find it difficult to find the best prom tuxedo for themselves.

Prom night is special for every high schooler. It is a night filled with memories and emotions. Many of you may not realize it, but your prom outfit makes a significant part of the celebration.

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Pro Tips To Choose The Best Prom Suit For Men

If you need help choosing the best prom suits for guys, follow these tips below.

  1. Choose the right color

Red proms suits, white prom suits, blue prom suits, there are so many colors to choose from. We don’t blame young guys if they can’t decide on a single color.

If there’s no color theme, you can play safe with a classic blue suit. However, if you are craving a darker color, then black prom suits could be the perfect choice for you. Or you can choose a color that flatters your skin. For example, dark brown, warm green, etc.

  1. Two-piece or three-piece

When it comes to prom suits for men, you have two options: two-piece suits and three-piece suits.

A three-piece suit is a normal two-piece suit but has a waistcoat. It looks more sophisticated and formal than a two-piece suit. If you are aiming for a classier look, we would recommend you get a three-piece suit. If that’s too much for you, then you have the good old two-piece suits to choose from. For an impressive collection of prom suits, Go Here.

  1. Fitting

The next important thing is the fitting. The color of your suit doesn’t matter if the suit doesn’t fit properly. You need to make sure that your prom suit is exactly your size. It shouldn’t be too big or small. Before you set out to get the best prom suit, measure yourself. Unless you know your correct measurements, you won’t be able to pick the right suit for yourself.

Speaking of fitting, you have slim-fitted suits and tailored fitted suits. You have to try them on to see which style suits you the best. A slim-fit suit helps you create a sharp, modern look. On the other hand, a tailored suit gives you a polished and tapered look. It’s up to your personal choice what you want.

  1. Focus on the shirt

Your shirt is an important part of your prom outfit. You need a shirt to match your suit, and you have to get the color and style right. Usually, a formal shirt is considered a safe bet. Many guys go for white shirts made of cotton. It gives them a sharp fit and edgy look.

If you are wearing a smart blazer or jacket, then a casual shirt would be a more appropriate fit. In this case, you can choose a linen shirt that will make you look more handsome.

  1. Accessorise yourself

Prom outfits for guys are incomplete without the right accessories. You need ties/bows, cufflinks, pocket squares, belts, and shoes.

When choosing your accessories make sure that they look good with your suit. If needed, check out pictures of men wearing prom suits. You will get good ideas from there.

With these tips, you can easily select the best prom suit for yourself. We will recommend you try your prom outfit before getting it home. You need to make sure that everything looks perfect.

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