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How to organize your jewellery

Do you know one thing “out of sight, out of mind”? It is doesn’t matter how many jewelleries you have if you can’t see them or found them easily when these are needed. After a few days, you will forget what you have because you can’t see them. You buy custom jewellery for some specific occasion but you can’t find it if your jewellery is not arranged properly.  But if these are arranged in such a way that these are easy to see then you do not forget these. For which you need a proper organization for your jewellery. So you should organize your jewellery in proper ways.

Things to be done before organize your jewellery in a different location

-Sorting and categorize your jewellery

At first, you should gather all your collection together and sort them. After sorting, categorize your jewellery by type, occasion and location that means where it is stored.

-Cleaning and repairing

Before, you organize your jewellery; you should need to proper cleaning and repairing if needed. For examples, you should clean the ring and wipe its pearls. And then organize and store your jewellery.

Jewellery organization in a drawer


First, sort your jewellery based on category and how long storage you will need.

-Divide your drawer

After categorization, you should divide your drawer to organize your jewellery more in a limited area. To divide your drawer you can use your unused household items like box tops, egg crates, teacups etc. even you can also use style. In short, make your drawer as you need and organize. For example, use a small part to put the studs and rings, use bowl type to set bracelets. These divided groups help to avoid overcrowding and help to see all jewellery at a glance.

-Make layer

In a deeper drawer, you can make multilayer to organize your jewellery more in one drawer. You can keep small pieces in the bottom r layer and stash items in the top layer.

Jewellery organization on the wall

-Use hooks and bonus

Hooks are used to hanging chunky and long pieces to keep jewellery orderly and within reach, that means keep them in vertically. To keeping the heavier pieces in vertical bonus is perfect. You should make multiple hooks for different length’s necklaces, one for chokers, one for statement necklaces, and one for large necklaces.

-Use frame

For organize earrings, the frame is very important. And the ideal board to make a frame for earring is fabric memo board. After completing the frame, push the earring on the memo board. Sometimes lightweight necklaces are also organized in memo board.

Jewellery organization on your vanity

-Grad and go

To hold different accessories for you to reach every day you should designate a small dish in your vanity. In addition, this dish helps you to always wear them.

-Make a display

If you want to make your organization pretty, you should arrange your collection and putting them on sculptural objects or figurines.

-Keep separate

Sometimes necklaces getting tangled or misplaced. To overcome this problem you can separate these necklaces by drape each one over a separate peg.


The proper organization not only help to keep your jewellery in front of your eyes and mind but also help you to keep more jewellery in a limited place. Although you can buy custom jewellery from brands like hype unity if it stays out of sight for a long time then one day you will forget it. Therefore, you should organize your jewellery so that you can see at a glance. And the above ways obviously help you to organize your jewellery properly.

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